Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits- Learn Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutation)

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Learn About Yoga Surya Namaskar And Benefits

What is Suriya Namaskar?

In the first place, the majority of the people are having a misconception about the yoga Surya Namaskar. They confuse between yoga and workouts.Therefore, I am Presenting this – Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits article for your benefit to know the real facts and difference between physical workout and yoga.

In fact, yoga is a relaxation method.

Moreover, Surya Namaskar is a sun salutation yoga practice preferred by many yogis in the world.

As a matter of fact, there are different conceptions about Suriya Namaskar(Sanskrit). The traditionalist contends that it was developed 2500 year ago and others say that it is practiced from earlier 20th century. It was developed in India and then spread to other nations evolving into some variation in the methods of practice.

As can be seen, the Hindus worshiped the Sun and other natural forces like air, fire, water etc., for thousands of years and their offerings to the Sun, was in the way of Sun salutation.

It is a combination of different Yoga poses and therefore the benefits are enormous and awesome.

Preparation For Surya Namaskar Practice

It should be done with barefoot because the cluster of important nerves in the foot are activated during the practice.

It is best to perform this yoga early in the morning.

The stomach should be empty. Pass out the bowel before performing the yoga and You have to wear some loose outfits too.

Since yoga is a relaxing exercise it is best to have the bath before doing it.

Actual yoga should not be done like doing a workout or physical exercise. Surya Namaskar is considered as moving meditation and should be performed like a meditation.

Hence, yoga  Surya Namaskar should be practiced like a meditation.,mind focused on the body in a calm and in relaxing manner.

If you are getting exhausted and sweating during the yoga practice – then it is not a yoga –it becomes a physical work out.

Learn Yoga Surya Namaskar-Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 1-Pranamasana

Start the Suriya namaskar by standing direct facing the sun.

Keep your feet together and palms joined in a prayer or Namaskar posture.

Take deep breathe to regulate your breathing.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 2-Hastauttanasana

Inhale and raise your arms above the head in upward salute or Urdhuvanamaskar.Tilt slightly backward arching your back and look up at your hands.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 3-Padahastasana

Exhale slowly and bend forward placing your palms on either side of your feet and your forehead touching your knees.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

pose 4-Ashwasanchalasana

Inhale and take your right leg back in a big backward step, keep your hands firmly in place, your left foot between your hands and tilt your head up.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 5-Parvatasana

with a slow exhalation move your left foot back to where your light foot is.Keep your arms straight. Raise your hips and bring you heads close to the floor. Inhale deeply. Your body should form an inverted “V”. Do not bend your knees.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 6-Athamugaswanaasana

Exhale and lower the body to the floor. Let only the forehead, chest hands knees and feet touch the floor.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 7-Bujangasana

Inhale and lift your chest into the cobra pose and keep your arms straight and in place.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 8-Parvatasana

Exhale and slowly raise your hip and come back to inverted “V” or Athamugaswana asana pose. Do not bend your knees.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 9-Ashwasanchalasana

Inhale and move your right leg forward placing your right foot between your hands.Tilt your head up.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 10  Padahastasana

Exhale slowly and rise up bringing your left foot forward to where your right foot is.

See that the hands and legs are in line and your head touches your knees.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

pose11- Hastauttasana

Inhale and raise your hands above your head in the upward salute pose. Tilt back slightly arching your back. Stand firm in place.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Pose 12.-Pranamasan

Finally, exhale and slowly bring down your hand to your chest in the prayer pose.

This is one cycle.

Again you have to repeat with left leg.

This is the second cycle.

Actually, you should do Suriya namaskar in thirteen cycles. Staring the first cycle with the right leg and completing the thirteenth cycle again with right leg as well as 12 mantras chanted with each pose correspondingly.

For Beginners

You cannot learn Surya Namaskar in a single day since Your body will not be flexible to do the postures immediately.

you have to tune your body over a period of time to become flexible to do any yoga. The time period depends on the type of your body.

You can start in two-cycle a day and repeat for some days till you are comfortable.then gradually increase the cycles without straining your self is the best way to learn yoga.

It may take the one-month minimum to tune up your body depending on the body type.

You can do 7 cycles but best is 13 cycles.

On days of limited time, a 10-minutes Sun Salutation and five minutes spent in savasana will do you the best.

Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits

Suriya namaskar is a combination of many yoga poses. Therefore, the benefits you achieve are enormous.

Surya Namaskar is good for overall health and fitness of the body.

When you complete 13 cycles you will feel as if your body is massaged. In brief, it is good for your nervous system, entire organs of the body, and controls almost all diseases.

Just doing for few days and expecting the results will not work

You have to keep on doing and you will feel the difference and you will start achieving the benefits in long run.

Who should not do?

Women with periods should not do this asana.

All the people can do this awesome yoga with proper guidance.

The pregnant women, People with high blood pressure, Heart ailments, and hernia can practice with the guidance of yoga experts.


The Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits For Health

In the final analysis, provides enormous health benefits which are not limited.

But we can list out some important ones.

To summarize:-

Enables you to breathe correctly. Therefore, gives good lung function which leads to oxygen circulation to all parts keeping you energized all the day.

Additionally, keeps your body in good shape and curved by controlling your weight.

Calms your mind and relieves stress and hence, increases your concentration and memory.

Activates all the glands and thus regulates metabolism.

Practicing sincerely and regularly Energises the body in the long run.

All Things Considered, you can cure your back pain and blood pressure if performed with the guidance of yoga experts.

Finally, Control diabetes by burning calories.

Surya Namaskar Mantras

After learning the Surya Namaskar in a proper way you can chant the following 12 mantras to get the full Yoga Surya Namaskar benefits while performing the practice.

You Have to Say “Om” at the beginning of Each Mantra below.

  1.  Mitraya Namaha Ravaye Namaha
  2.  Suryaya Namaha
  3.  Bhanave Namaha
  4.  Khagaya Namaha
  5.  Poosne Namaha
  6.  Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha
  7.  Marichaya Namaha
  8.  Adityaya Namaha Om
  9.  Savitre Namaha
  10.  Arkaya Namaha 
  11.  Bhaskaraya Namaha

Hope you have enjoyes this article about- Yoga Surya Namaskar Benefits.

If you have any comments or doubts please feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.

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  1. I appreciate your article and the information provided. This article is well put together, and offers some very valuable points.

    So is Yoga Surya Namaskar more mediation than exercise or is streching?

    Is Yoga Surya Namaskar more difficult for beginners or would beginners find it easy to perform these tasks.

    1. Hi Jerry

      Thank you for your comment.

      It is not difficult for begginers. Also, time for learning depends upon the condition of the body and commitment and regularity to learn. If the body is more flexible,you can learn easily.


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