Why Is Laughing Good For You? Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Health

Why is laughing good for you

Why is laughing good for you ?  Laughter is the best medicine for health. Laughing keep the society happy and in harmony. How? The answer is in this article.

Change Your  Attitude. Know Why Is Laughing Good For You ?

“You have scored zero marks on your subject! You are fit only to feed the cows and goats.” Are you a parent screaming at children in this way? Then you have to stop this attitude.

When you keep on repeating this type of attitude, your child’s subconscious mind stores the message “I do not have talents and skill. I am fit for nothing”. Moreover, the message “people who do farming are unskilled and unfit” also will be registered in the subconscious.

Hence, these thoughts in the subconscious mind of your child will prevail throughout his life. Therefore your child will never try doing things in his life and ultimately will face failure.

Then how to deal with your child?  You have to convey with a humor and love so that your child understands.

Your full day depends on the mood with which you begin the day. If you watch a comedy on the television before you leave for your work you will be happy throughout your day.

You may be a good or bad person, but if you are always oppressive and long-faced and never smile or laugh no one will like you. If you have a smiling face and generous, people will like you.

Although many teachers taught you in the school you will remember only the humorous- language teacher forever.

Why do you love children? Because they will not think who are you. They will smile and laugh at you.

They will laugh at you if you laugh or don’t laugh.

Laughter is a unique language of the world

If you know why is laughing good for you and to speak this language you will be loved by everyone. Thus you can list out the unlimited benefits and greatness of laughter. Laughing is a magic that not only keeps your mind happy but also keeps you healthy.

is laughing good

Sense of humor, smiling and laughter

is laughing good for you

The sense of humor, smile and laughter are essential in human life. Laughing is not only a  duty of eating and sleeping but is an emotion.

The humor in you is the trigger for the smiling and laughing. Do not approach anything with a feeling of hatred and irritation. Begin your day with happiness.

How to achieve happiness?

You should learn to be humorous not only to your friends but also with your family members.

Forget all type of problems, disputes, altercation, controversy, and antagonism of the previous day when you wake up in the morning. Think about the happy and humorous moments in your life.

These kinds of attitude help for a positive approach and good health.

Your habits depend on emotions. Your emotions, habits, and activities have a neurological connection. This connecting system is known as the limbic system. The Amygdale in the limbic system controls our emotions. When you laugh Amygdale is stimulated and thus you get enormous health benefits

Why Is Laughing Good For You? Because Of The Health Benefits Laughter Gives

Laughter Boosts Immune Power

When you laugh the T-cells production by thymus gland is stimulated which in turn helps secretion of hormones like Beta-Endorphins, which increases the immune of the body.

Research shows that laughing increased immune power and enhanced destroying of cancer-causing cells.

Although this is in the research stage may be laughter may be the medicine to cure cancer.

Laughing Helps Heart Health

You can see a hormone called endothelium as tiny lines inside the blood veins. This hormone helps in regulating the normal flow of blood and clotting of blood. When you laugh endothelium expands and aids for normal and regulated blood flow which helps regular hear function. Moreover, endothelium prevents diseases like epilepsy. Research shows that laughter aids the regular blood flow as well as increases the good cholesterol.

Humor And Laughing Reduce Depression

We all travel in our lives with some sort of aim. Sometimes you have positive results and other times the results are negative. Therefore, you get depression and dejection. You have to take everything in a positive way. If you fail in some tasks consider that failure as a lesson and improve yourself.

To achieve success in life you have to learn how to be humorous and know why is laughing good for you? Then you will start smiling and laughing to have a happy life.

The laughter is like massaging your brain. But not to mention do not laugh artificially. Learn to be humorous, watch comedy series on television and laugh from your heart. This habit relives you from stress and depression.

Hence, you will have better sleep and thus start working efficiently.

Laughing Reduces High Blood Pressure And Stress

Smiling, laughing, and being happy taking negative things lightly are necessary to lead a normal life.

Laughing stimulates adrenal gland to secrete important hormones which in turn reduces cortisol stress-inducing hormone. stress and high blood pressure reduces your immunity and spoils your health.

Laughter stimulates the blood veins and controls the blood pressure .stress producing hormones like cortisol surround the blood vessels and when you laugh cortisol quantity reduces.

Finally, when you laugh blood vessels are protected. Statistic proves that when you laugh your cortisol level is reduced by 70%. Being happy protects you from a heart attack, high bop, and stroke.

 Laughing Is A Natural Painkiller

When you laugh there is a remarkable increase in the secretion of hormone endorphin.

The hormone endorphin has an analgesic effect on the human body. Therefore laughing stimulates the endorphin secretion and thereby acts as a natural painkiller.

When you laugh your pains such as headaches body aches even severe cancerous pains are reduced.

From children to elders can relieve the naturally by laughing.

Controlling Your Anger Helps To Be Happy And Laugh

If you know Why is laughing good for you? You will automatically control your anger.Laughing

You should leave your anger and not hide it. If you hide your anger you will develop the habit of jealous and cunning, in the long run. If your anger is uncontrollable may be depression is the cause then you have to consult a psychiatrist.

When you get angry to have a deep breath, which controls your anger. Getting angry for genuine reason should be okay but screaming for everything will ultimately cause to hatred from the society, heart attack and stroke.

Laughter Yoga

You might have heard of many types of yoga.Have you ever heard of laughing yoga? Yes, there is a yogi named  “Haho Siripanada”. The  Siripu itself means laughter. He explains Why is laughing good for you and how Laughter yoga helps you.

He explains that our lungs have more than 6 liters of air and while laughing almost 5 liters of impure air goes out and thus you become active. Therefore the yoga combined with laughter gives overall benefits for you.


The common media of expression in the world is laughter. The laughter is the common language media of the world. The newborn child laughs at least 200 times a day. But how many time you laugh a day? Maybe not even 10 times. Sad, is not it?

Make a rule that you should laugh at least 50 times a day like drinking 3 liters of water a day.

By now you must have understood that Why is laughing good for you? Therefore keep on laughing, laughing and laughing.

I hope you enjoyed the post-Why is laughing good for you?  If you have any suggestions and doubts please drop your comments below.



4 thoughts on “Why Is Laughing Good For You? Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Health”

  1. I had no idea laughter was studied scientifically. Thanks for explaining how effective it is and what hormones are released. I have high blood pressure and am stressed all the time. I know I need to laugh more, and now I have more of a reason to.

    I remember watching a documentary where a lady who had cancer was healed partly because she didn’t focus on anything but humor. I have noticed how helpful it can be to lower stress. As a friend of mine said, “You can either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh.”

    1. Hi Michael

      Thanks for visiting my site.Yes it’s true that nature has given us so many ways to live healthy,but we never use these to live healthy.We unnecessarily become addicted to circumstances and use artificial ways to live healthy which is very bad in the long run. Therefore,we should understand and be happy to live healthy.


  2. Thank you for suggesting that if you watch a comedy before you leave for work, you are more likely to be happier throughout the day. My husband and I have been looking for things to help us have better days and I think being able to watch something funny before we leave would be very beneficial. I’ll have to look into some stand-up comedy videos and see if we can find anything we like.

    1. Hi Ellie!
      Thanks for visiting my site. I wrote this article through my personal experience as well. I am working abroad and staying away from my family.
      To keep me in good mood I always watch comedy scenes and music which will help you to be active and happy throughout the day. Moreover, I am a yoga & meditation practitioner and I know how much benefits we will get by laughing. Therefore, Develop the habit of laughing and lead a stress-free life.

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