Tv Giant Game Free Download

Tv Giant Game Free Download

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Tv Giant Game Free Download

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Haskell : map and the “discriminated” type

I’m new to Haskell and I’m having a bit of trouble getting my head around this… I have a list of data types (but I’m not restricted to just this; it just doesn’t seem to be necessary in this case, for now), and I have to use the map function to apply an operation to each element in the list.
For example:
map (+5) [1,2,3]

should output

This is fairly easy to code, and I got all the way to that without any problems.
What I’m struggling with is actually creating the map function so that I can use it to take in the list, and return the output.
I’ve tried this:
map (+5) :: [(Int,Int)]->[(Int,Int)]

map (+5) [1,2,3]

But I get this error:
Couldn’t match expected type ‘[(Int, Int)]’ with actual type ‘Int -> Int’

So I tried adding : before the [] brackets to force the function to return an (Int,Int) list, like so:
map (+5) : [(Int,Int)]

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