Tree Pose Yoga – Vrksasana Yoga Pose Benefits and Steps

Vrksasana Yoga Pose

Today we are going to learn about Vrksasana Yoga Pose Benefits And Steps. The Westerners popularly call Vrksasana yoga as Tree pose yoga. But Indians call this as Vrksasana yoga pose.

We start with the sequence of asanas the standing. The sitting. The lying down, the balancing and the inverted poses in the learning process of yoga.

The Vrksasasa or tree pose, the standing posture is the first pose in the sequence of Asanas. It is one of the simplest asanas, yet it is also one of the most beneficial ones.
Vriksasana brings you the elements of balance into your yoga practice.

Origin Of Tree Pose Yoga

Like all other yoga practices, Vrksasana also originated from India. Moreover, the 7th-century Indian Sculptures show a figure standing in one leg. Therefore, it is evident that in ancient India sadhus meditated in this pose.

Steps To Perform Tree Pose Yoga

Right Leg Posture

Vrksasana Yoga Pose Benefits and Steps

Left Leg Posture

Tree Pose Yoga

  • Stand Tall and erect in Tadasana (The mountain pose) with your arms by your side palms touching the thighs and shoulders relaxed.
  • Bend your right leg and place your right foot high up on your left thigh.
  • The sole of the right foot should be placed flat and firmly against the inner side of your left thigh.
  • With your foot firmly into your standing leg (thigh) align both of your hip points so that they are straight forward.
  • How do you do this? Gently drive your right knee back.
  • Fold your palms together so that your thumbs touch your heart.
  • Form your shoulder blades back to widen and broaden your chest.
  • Inhale, lengthen your torsel and reach your arms up to shoulder with apart.
  • When you have found your balance, take a deep breath and gracefully raise your arms over your head.
  • Bring your palms together in namaste mudra(hands folded.
  • Invigorate your arms straighten your elbows and turn your palms to face each other.
  • To balance gaze fixed point in front of you.
  • Your left leg should be straight.
  • Make sure your spine is straight, and keep taking long deep breaths.
  • Relax the body more and more each time you exhale, and try to hold the pose for as long as possible.
  • Then slowly exhale, bring down your hands to the side of your body and gently release the right leg.
  • Stand straight in attention as you did before and repeated the pose with your left leg while your right leg rests firmly on the floor.
  • Anyone can do Vrkasana the tree pose yoga, but avoid it if you have suffered from some significant injury, or surgery or even a migraine.

Watch This Video By Yoga Journal For Illustration


Don’t be surprised if it involves an imbalance and doesn’t be concerned about falling out of the pose. You can also support yourself using a wall or a chair whatever it is until your pose strengthens and stabilizes.

Vrksasana Yoga Pose Benefits

Vriksasana is an excellent yogic balancing pose. In Sanskrit, Vriksha means tree and asana means posture.

In Vrksasana, the weight of the entire body is concentrated or given to a leg thereby strengthening the leg.

The entire posture requires a proper balancing of your body and once mastered gives a sense of confidence and steadiness.

Most Popular Vrisasana Benefits
  • This asana helps excellently for developing a proper balancing of your body.
  • Vrisasana strengthens the legs, arms, and shoulders.
  • It can help who are suffering from sciatica.
  • Vriksasana calms the mind and makes the body steady and robust.
  • It can strengthen and ligament of ankle and feet.
  • Vrisasana can be used to correct posture related problems and ailments.
  • Tree Pose yoga Boosts your concentration.
  • Helps strengthen the spine.
  • Tones your leg muscles and arms.
  • Enhances stability in your legs.
  • In the long run, it builds tremendous inner and outer strength.

Precautions In performing Vrksasana Yoga Pose

If you suffer from high blood pressure consult your health care practitioner before doing Vrksasana.

In the initial stages, practitioners can experiment by keeping their hand wide apart over their head instead of bringing them together. This stance can give a better balance for a beginner.

Also when one has mastered Vrksasana one can try doing after raising the hands. Doing this posture would require a perfect sense of balance, and you have to attempt with caution.

Just like the roots of the tree which balance the tree entirely, our feet too acts like the roots and help balance the entire weight of the body.

It rejuvenates your inner and outer energy and makes the legs strong and opens the hips.

My Experience On Vrksasana Yoga Pose Benefits and steps

As a yoga practitioner, I would like to share something about this Tree Pose Yoga, the most uncomplicated and great Asana.
It is effortless and needs only a few minutes to perform the posture. Moreover, the steps are easy to accomplish.

You will feel as if you have returned from a massage parlor after completing this exercise. Also, I have controlled my, blood pressure and diabetes by doing a few yoga asanas.  Tree pose yoga is one among the yoga asanas I Practice.

You will feel the difference once you begin practicing this Tree pose yoga exercise.

Therefore, I decided to write an article about “Vrksasana Yoga Pose Benefits and steps” to spread my experience, so that the maximum people will understand about the importance of practicing yoga to maintain their physical and mental health.

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If you are a yoga practitioner or interested in beginning your yogic path of living you are welcome to give your suggestion and ask questions in the comment space below.

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Perform Tree Pose Yoga for good health

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  1. Oh, yes, now this looks like something I could do and master.  My balance has always been horrible, I have no idea why, and so I think that something like the Tree pose yoga might actually help me out.  It looks simple and something I can do, so I’m going to put this computer down right now, watch the video and try this out.  Just wanted to pop in and say thank you.  I’m super excited.

    1. Thanks for Reading my post. It is always better to practice yoga in the morning with an empty stomach. If not in the morning you can do in the evening also but with an empty stomach.

      Please read the below post which is more than enough to keep you fit forever.

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  2. Hi Prabakaran, I love Yoga and have interest in anything that has to do with yoga and different ways of posing. I must say that this is my first time of hearing about Vrksasana yoga. You did great with the steps of performing Tree Pose Yoga. The pictorial description made it simple for one to follow and the video even made it more intriguing.  

    Thanks for schooling me on more benefits of doing yoga and also pointing out the precautions one needs to take before embarking on yoga practice.

  3. I’m a Yoga practitioner, and the tree pose is in my daily routine. The tree pose is not complicated, and I find it exceptional to regain your body balance. I also noticed flexibility improvement of the body. I’m keeping the pose for 30 seconds and change the other leg. Do you think it’s too short time maintaining the posture?Thank you for an informative article.

    1. Dany,

      Thank you for stopping by to read my post. I am happy to hear that you are a Yoga practitioner. The timing of 30 secs for a pose is okay, but you can try to increase the timing. But take note that breathing should be properly done.


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