The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women-How to Prevent It?

The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Reasons For Hair Loss In Women And Prevention

The hair loss or hair fallout is normal if it is within 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. However, having said that losing more than 50 to 100 strands per day over a long period of time may be a sign that there is a problem.Therefore, today I am going to explain over, the reasons for hair loss In women and preventing it.

Some of these facts are unexpected and will make you scrap some of your bad habits.

I have a bunch of tips and tricks for you to put a stop to these things that are ruining your hair goals.

The Reasons for Hair Loss in Women and prevention

  1. Genetics

Unfortunately, when we reach a certain age some of us will lose a lot more hair than the others do, based on our genetic makeup and we cannot do much about it. The problem with genetic hair loss is usually the hair you lose will never grow back in its place.Hair Loss

Your hair cells will not able to produce more hair and basically, all the hair you had unto a certain point of your life is all the hair you are going to have.

Therefore, your best bet is to preserve the hair that you have already have and to prevent as much hair loss as possible. This means no frequent washing, no bleaching, and no chemicals which are going to weaken it, causing to fall out.

  1. Pollution

If you live in big cities with industries, automobiles and a lot of air-conditioners, there could be a lot of pollution in the air &water. This pollution can have a big impact on your hair health.The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Your hair needs to breathe and oxygen in the air is very important. Pollution in the air can clog your hair follicles. Starving them from the acquisition of oxygen can cause them to fall out.

There are some remedies you can do to mitigate these situations. One of the things you can is to wear a hat when you go outside to prevent any pollution, clogging your hair follicles. If you are not a hat person you can massage with a scalp cleansing serum into your hair which is going to break up any dirt and clean up the scalp.

You can use Aloe Vera gel as a cleanser which is a natural cleanser which will remove any dirt build up and make your hair breathe.

  1. Climate Is One The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

It’s a fact that the warmer weather increases the blood circulation to the scalp and increases the production of all those necessary oils that you need for healthy hair. It’s not a surprise that people live in colder climate experience a slower rate of hair growth than the people live in the hotter climate.

The people living in the colder climate should increase the blood circulation to your scalp. One way doing this is the inversion method. This method can be done at home or at your office. Flip your head upside down in sitting or standing position and then use your fingers to massage your scalp for 1 to 5 minutes.

Do this 2 to3 times a week and you will see a huge improvement in the blood circulation and overall oil production to your scalp. Your hair will be healthier and grow faster.

  1. Hormones

There are no single women that I know do not experience the monthly hair loss due to hormonal fluctuation. The reason for this is women lose a ton of iron during this period which is an essential nutrient for healthy hair. Hair Loss In Women

To prevent too much iron loss during this time you can take a high-quality multivitamin on daily basis and not only be trying that at the end of the month but adding an organic iron supplement regularly. Preferably you can try using mega food brand supplements.


  1. Low Protein

I am sure most of you know that hair is made up of a protein called carotene which is synthesized by the protein you eat. Therefore basically, your hair needs protein to grow a really healthy and strong. Hair Loss In Women

If you are not consuming enough protein in your diet the hair may fall out. Starchy food such as bread, pasta, cereal and other starchy processed food are usually is very low in protein. The same food tends to be very high in glycemic index and may spike your insulin level.

This combination is really bad for hair.

Therefore, to make sure that your hair grows long, strong and healthy you may take 3 ounces of high-quality protein foods such as Chicken, turkey, eggs or lentils 2 to 3 times a day.

  1. Hydration

Your body needs ample amount of water in your body for proper working and functioning of the cells including the cells of the hair. Water is essential for carrying the nutrients throughout the body.

If you are dehydrated the least important cells in the body such as hair cells, skin cells, and nail cells are usually first to suffer. If you want to have healthy and strong hair that doesn’t fall off, just drink 2 to 3(depends on the climate) litters water every single day spreading throughout the day.

  1. Vitamin A

Chances are your diet is not abnormally high in Vitamin A, but if you are taking a vitamin A supplement or a multivitamin dose that has a high amount of vitamin A, you might be taking too much of the vitamin.

Although, the small doses of vitamin A is generally good for the overall health the same Vitamin in high doses may be very toxic to your hair health.

The high doses of Vitamin A will shrink your oil glands to the point that they are no longer producing an amount of oil necessary to nourish your hair to gain strength and causing hair loss.

If you are taking a bunch of vitamin supplements, consult your doctor to make sure that the amount of vitamin A is at the safe level.

  1. Stress Is One Of  The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

We all are stressed at some point or other and you may be stressed right now. Women

A little amount of stress is good because it keeps you sharp and if it gets out of hand it will be a big problem.

Being under an enormous amount of stress for a longer time will be very detrimental to your health. Science says that a weird amount of stress can shut down a bunch of systems in our body.

Which system gets shut down first?

Yes, the least important ones like cells of hair, nail, and skin. The vein will not shut down because it is the priority one, but all are interrelated. If anything happens to your least important cells, really there is something major going on and you have to address it.

Yes, you have to train yourself to manage the stress level although, it is not so easy. Meditate, practice yoga, do whatever you want, but you have to manage the stress. Otherwise, it will take your life and hair loss.

  1. Sleep

 Loss In Women

Your body restores and regenerates millions of its different cells of the body as you sleep. You need to sleep to survive and thrive. If you are having a poor quality of sleep and do not sleep enough, the body will not be able to function properly and hair will suffer too.

  1. Frequent Washing

The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

When your hair is wet, it does a couple of things that you do not realize. The first thing that happens is your hair becomes heavy and stretches the root. This can cause the toots to weaken over time. That’s the reason why you lose a lot of hair during the shower and brushing when dry.

The second thing that happens is your hair can stretch up to 30 % than the normal length and you are stretching the bond between the cells and the hair is vulnerable to breakage. Not only this stretches the strands but also pulls the hair end shaft.

Hence, the root becomes weak and susceptible to hair fall. Therefore, do not wash your hair frequently and never ever brush the hair when wet.

  1. Not Washing Enough

The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women is not washing the hair.

Just like washing your hair too frequently can be problematic, not washing your hair is also going to be a bad thing.The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Not washing your hair for a long period means more than 7 days.After all, those amazing natural oils accumulating, secreted from the scalp are good for you. Not exactly when not washing for a longer period.

If you could be without washing your hair for a long time what happens is that all of your hair shafts really get clogged up with dirt and excess oil. Hence, no of the nutrient reach the shaft of the hair follicles thereby starving leading to losing the hair.

If your hair is fine and thinner you have to wash your hair little bit frequently just because of the oil get distributed to your hair much faster. So if your hair is fine and thinner wash your hair every 2 to 3 days.

If your hair is on the drier side, thick and course you could go to 5 to 7 days washing, but not more than that. If you think you can go little more than 2 to 3 days you can go for a scalp purifying serum or a natural scalp purifier such as Aloe Vera gel. It is amazing and allows you to prolong the period between washes.

  1. Pregnancy

There are so many things happen in your body when you are pregnant. After all, you are carrying a little human inside.The Reasons For Hair

The body needs to take the nutrients from wherever it can and nourish the growing fetus. This means that whatever extra nutrient you are taking are going to nourish the fetus rather than feeding the lesser important cells such as hair cells.

All women do not experience this but some women experience the hair loss and its only temporary. And go back to normal after pregnancy.

  1. Breastfeeding

Some women not only experience abnormal hair loss during pregnancy but also experience abnormal hair loss during the breastfeeding period. The reason for that is very similar to that during the pregnancy.The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Basically, when you are breastfeeding the extra nutrients consumed are going to a breast milk to nourish the baby.

Therefore instead of extra calories going into our hair cells, nail cells and skin cells goes to your baby. Again it is another temporary thing that after breastfeeding your hair should go back to normal. Therefore any women expecting or nourishing your baby should nourish the scalp from outside as much as possible.

You have to eat a very healthy diet as well as the baby. This extra stuff should give strength to your hair cell to avoid falling out as much and be healthier.  So what can you do is massage, add nourishing scalp oil to make sure your hair stays nourished,

You can use earth Nectar Mint Leaf Scalp oil which is extremely nourishing and a natural product keeps your hair strong, nourishing, long, shiny, and healthy. Avoids fall out.

  1. Tight Hairstyles

As mentioned above factors which are causing hair fall are absolutely not in control of us and some factors we have control over are mentioned below.

 Reasons For Hair Loss

Having your hair pulled off to make a tight knot or a tight ponytail for all the time is so bad for the hair. Having your hair pulled back constantly causes the hair end to weaken and fall from the shaft.

Therefore those of you prefer to have the hair up from the face can go for loose messy buns up in a way from your face.

Whatever situation it may be, go for loose messy buns instead of tight knots. Do not use a tight hair elastic. Use hair pins in your messy buns.

  1. Twisting The Hair

Avoid twisting and playing with your hair unconsciously. This stretches your hair strands and the hair end is weakened.This ultimately causes the hair to fall out.Moreover, hair becomes thin.

Be alert and do not twist and play with the hair unconsciously.


This is the one that, most people do not realize, that affects the hair health.

If you suffer from a severe trauma such as being in a car accident or breaking a bone can cause an impact on the health of your hair and to fallout. In case of a trauma, your body is forced into defense mode.

All of its energy starts focusing on the problem at hand. Therefore, this is going to affect the lesser important bodily function such as hair health and focus on self-healing the problem areas.

  1. Illness

When you are sick your body uses all of its energy to beat the illness you are having at that time, the cold, flu, or whatever it may be. The lesser important body parts take the back seat during this time allowing you to get better 100%.

  1. Fatty Fish

Is the Omega 3 rich salmon and tuna fish is really good for your body and health? Yes and no.The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

Some fish contains a high level of mercury and this may cause your hair to fall out. Mercury actually disrupts protein development and affects the absorption of Zinc which is essential for carotene formation with which the hair is made of.

All of these interferes with the growth process and eventually causes hair loss.But do not eliminate fish altogether. You should know which fish to eat, which fish to stay away from and how to source it properly.

The fish that contains the highest amount of mercury tend to be the higher up in the food chain. Fish like swordfish and Mackerel are higher up in the food chain and have the higher amount of mercury. Tuna, Salmon, and seafood are generally safe to eat and generally, they are wild carp.Hence, keep your fish consumption under 12 ounces per week. Therefore divide into 3 to 4 portions per week.

Make sure always you source your fish and seafood from wild cart fisheries. Make sure that the fish you eat are lower down in the food chain along with seafood which has hard shells such as crab, clam, and oysters

  1. Processed sugar

It’s bad for hair and the skin. Your favorite processed sugar, sugary cupcakes, candies and related products cause a spike in insulin level. Hair Loss In Women

The spike in insulin level makes your androgen hormones to go up. The androgen is a male hormone that irritates and shrinks the hair shafts and makes the hair loss in women.

Stay away from processed sugar and if you are carving for sweat go for Mother Nature’s candy.

  1. Juice Cleanses

When you are on juice cleansing you are on- no protein and all sugar diet. Hair Loss In Women

Not to mention, many of this juices have added sweeteners that spike the insulin level and the androgen level.  These soar through the roots thins your hair leading to hair fallout.

Your body detoxifies by itself and no need for juice cleanses.

  1. Over-brushing

Over-brushing or brushing your hair incorrectly may cause the hair to fall out. Gently brush your hair from top to bottom to detangle. This minimizes the pull and the weakening of the hair follicles.

Another tip is to hold you’re lengthy hair with the hand and gently brush. When you grip your hair and brush, you prevent from pulling of the hair.

  1. Not eating enough

Your body uses calories and nutrients to regenerate the cells in the body. The body system is very

Smart and prioritizes the vital cells over anything else for survival in case of malnutrition.

Are you only eating to sustain the vital organs? Then you are not going to have enough calories to nourish the less important hair, nail and skin cells. If the body is starving the hair is essentially going to fall out.

If you want healthy and strong hair, make sure that you are eating enough calories.

 23.Eating smart

you eat enough calories to sustain all of your bodily functions. But when not eating the right type food or calories, the hair will start to fall out.

If you eat a lot of sugar and a lot of processed food. These nutrients are not good for health as well as for the hair. As said above since the carotene is made up of proteins, eat more proteins, fruits, vegetables. Drink plenty of water.

24. Coffee

Is coffee the reasons for hair loss in women?

The coffee beans contain a plenty of antioxidants. But the processed coffee you use has only a little of antioxidants.

If you drink excess coffee it’s going to destroy the body nutrients and thereby causing the hair to fall out. Make sure not to drink coffee more than one or two cups per day.

I hope that you learned a bunch of interesting facts that causing your hair fall out.

My recommendation:
You can use Curry leaf oil to prevent hair health and growth!
Hope you have enjoyed the article-The Reasons For Hair Loss In Women-How to Prevent It? If you have any comments, queries and question please do not forget to drop in the comment box below.


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  1. Hello Praba!
    Well, your post is so informative, detailed and well written! The reasons for someone to have a big amount of hair loss vary and are so many. My girlfriend struggled with that for quite some time and as it turned out it was because of a lot of stress. I didn’t know coffee could play a role in that too!

    1. Hi Antonis

      Thanks for your reply. Not only you  but many people do not know the real facts for hair loss.I am glad that you like my post. you can read my other posts, which are  very useful as well.


  2. Hello
    This is such an informative article. I was really sick a couple of years ago and my hair really suffered from the illness and the meds. It’s never been the same since. I’m definitely going to try the inversion method. Now you said never to brush hair when it’s wet why is that? Does that include combing? My hair would be in knots if I didn’t comb it when it was wet. I did learn from this article. Thank you.

    1. Angie,
      Thanks for your comments.The hair becomes heavy and pulled when it is wet.Therefore, When you brush it tends to fall out.
      You can use a bigger comb with wider spaced teeth and comb gently.

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