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Swarm Assault Free Full Version



Swarm Assault Free Full Version

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Tuning the surface-electronic properties of metal hydroxide nanostructures is important for the development of various nanostructured magnetic materials. Herein, we report on the growth and magnetic properties of Ni3(OH)2 nanocubes with tunable external-surface areas. The observed nanocube surfaces exhibit different surface distributions of metal atoms and oxygen vacancies, giving rise to different magnetic properties. The obtained cubic nanostructures exhibit high coercivity (650 Oe) and a low blocking temperature (50 K) in their ferromagnetic states. The number of oxygen vacancies of different local environments causes the Ni3(OH)2 nanocubes to exhibit superparamagnetic and semiconducive properties at room temperatures due to the fluctuation of the surface magnetic moments. This study may pave the way towards the rational design of high-performance magnetic nanocubes through surface engineering.The present invention relates to supporting containers and more specifically to a container which has means for placing the container in a supporting structure.
Containers which have been used for the storage of food and liquid substances are well known. Such containers also have been in widespread use for transporting food and liquid substances.
The container will usually be sold with an insert which is placed in the container to stabilize the container during storage and transport. Such stabilizing inserts are widely available and have a multiplicity of shapes and sizes, and the use of such inserts greatly reduces the possibility of damage to the container by handling or transportation.
However, when it is desired to provide the user of the container with a supporting structure when the container is not in use, a removable insert must be provided or, if a supporting structure is provided on the container when sold, an additional step must be taken to place the insert in the supporting structure.
It is the object of the present invention to provide a container with a supporting structure which does not require an additional step in the assembly of the container or the supporting structure.
In the present

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[Photochemotherapy of acral basal cell carcinoma: Prospective study comparing two topical agents].
Acral basal cell carcinoma (ABCC) represents a great challenge, because of the frequent and difficult localization, the high rate of residual or recurrent disease, the functional and aesthetic consequences and the specific local and systemic toxicity of the treatments currently available. Cryosurgery, laser and radiotherapy are also used to treat the disease. Photochemotherapy (PsCh) has been proposed to improve ABCC control. However the optimal treatment, the lowest dose and the most effective agent to be used remain to be determined. To compare the efficacy of two different topical agents: 20% 5-flourouracil-Pt (5-FU-Pt) and 23% 5-FU-Albumin. This study was a prospective multicentre (two) study. The cohort included 52 patients. The main inclusion criteria were: ABCC treated with PsCh at least 12 weeks before inclusion. Patients had to be older than 18 years of age and not pregnant. The main exclusion criteria were: subungual localization, Wagner grade 3 and 4, other previous treatments for ABCC, pregnant or lactating women, patients of childbearing potential, and signs of severe liver disease. The products used and the protocol for PsCh were the same for all patients. One hundred fifty-six treatments (n=25), weekly sessions of 6 weeks (n=78), with a new area every time. Clinical evaluation and photography were carried out in the operating room and in the office at 4 and 12 weeks after the end of treatment. The study involved 52 patients. PsCh was effective at 12 weeks, as assessed by comparing the ratio of the patients with complete response (CR) to partial response (PR) at 12 weeks with the ratio of the patients with PR at baseline in each arm (72.1% for 5-FU-Pt vs. 60.9% for 5-FU-Albumin). The tumor response was evaluable for 47 patients (88.7%). In all, 27 patients (55.1%) had a CR, 14 patients (29%) had a PR and 6 patients (12.7%) had PD. Only one of the patients with a CR had a RECIST criteria PD 12 weeks after the end of


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