Mothods And Cure For Obesity Control

Obesity Control

Obesity Is The Entrance Of Deadly Diseases In Our Body-Food Practices and Methods Of Obesity Control

The Children and Adults of all age groups are affected by the obesity problem. Obesity is the main cause of many noninfectious diseases.Therefore, obesity control is becoming the main topic among the Population.

The Number of obese persons is increasing in the world day by day.People are trying to overcome this problem because of this is a condition which is difficult to overcome.

If people try and try nothing is impossible because there are dieting practices and methods to overcome obesity.

Obesity Control

What is Obesity?

When the weight of our body increases by 20% from our average weight, it is called obesity. That is, the tissue in our body is accumulated by more fat than the requirement.There is no age limit for this condition.

Recent research suggests that 1 in 6 persons worldwide suffers from the problem of obesity. Moreover, An average of 2.8 million  die because of this condition. because of the above mortality rate, the world health organization has announced this as diseases.

When the number of calories we take is more than the calories we need for our body we become obese.

Reasons for obesity

The present lifestyle is a major reason for this condition and this does not come suddenly. The tissues in our body accumulate fat for a long period of time little by little.

There are so many reasons to become overweight

  • There are 80% chances of children becoming overweight if both the parents have this condition. Whereas 50% chances are there, children becoming overweight if either one of the parents has this condition.
  •  People eating in restaurants regularly and eating excess to avoid wastage become overweight.
  • When regularly eating fast food and more sweets.
  • Eating oily food and not eating green vegetables and fruits.
  • The mental stress induces more hunger. People tend to eat more without any control because of the mental stress condition leading to obesity.
  • The people with less physical activity become overweight.Office workers and car users have tendencies to get this condition.
  •  when there is  Protein -Leptin deficiency in the genes it makes you more hungry. Therefore, this deficiency causes intolerance to withstand the hunger.  This tends to eat more which causes obesity. 

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index = Body weight in Kilogram divided by our height.
BMI less than 25            – Normal

25 TO 29.8             – Obesity – Grade-1

30 TO 40                – Obesity – Grade-2

More than 40         -Obesity – Grade-3

Managing Obesity

Grade1– Little Exercise, change in diet practices and diet control.

Grade2 – Consulting a doctor or dietitian.

Vulnerable to get heart and lung diseases, diabetes, Astor arthritis, and varicose veins.

The death rate of people under this category is more.

Grade 3- This is the worst condition where the people in this category become vulnerable to more diseases because of their laziness than other categories.

Treatment For Obesity Control

Changing the lifestyle, diet therapy, yoga, exercise, stress control, and home curing methods are the best treatment for control of obesity.

Obesity Control


Diet Therapy For Obesity Control

Grade 1

  • Eat right food in right time regularly. Eat as per your work.
  • Physical workers (labor) can eat as per their hunger and eat more than the non-physical workers (office).
  • Grade2 and 3- strictly follow diet control.
  • Reduce the calorie intake.  Between 800 to 1500 calories are sufficient. People taking more than 2000 calories per day should reduce to 1200 calories per day.
  • Your body weight will decrease fast by consuming fewer calories food like nuts, pulses, wheat, fruits, cucumber, almonds, and cinnamon.
  • If your BMI is more than 30, taking less calorie food will decrease your weight by 4kgs/week. In 12 weeks it will go to 44 kg.
  • Eat protein, vitamins, and minerals rich nuts, pulses, and vegetables (except potatoes).
  • Do not consume fried foods, fast food, and canned food, which will protect you from becoming overweight and the diseases.
  • Take more water, juices, and buttermilk which, water will revitalize your cells.
  • Take fiber rich spinach, green vegetables, and nuts. This gives a lot of benefits.

Consuming less calorie, vitamins, and minerals, maintaining normal kidney function, reducing the quantity of food certainly will reduce fat from the body.

Recommended dieting For Obesity Control

  • Vegetable salad
  • Spinach
  • Steamed food
  • Nuts
  • Carbohydrates free Soups.


  • Learn and practice yoga in the early morning. When you exercise dieting you will lose weight.
  • Do jogging, cycling, and fast walking.
  • After walking drink plenty of water or juice which, will hydrate your body. After exercising do not rest and continue normal working.Obesity Control

 List of special foods

Pulses– Finger millet, barley, oats, wheat, and corn, fennel seeds,

Nuts-horse gram, soya beans, all types of grams Green leaves –Drumstick leaves- spinach & cabbage, mint leaf, curry leaves Vegetables- all vegetables except potatoes

Meat-Chicken, Fresh Milk- cow milk, and yogurt. Avid buffalo milk, all butter cheese

Oil– Olive oil, un-refined groundnut, sesame oil, and unrefined coconut oil.

Drinks– Green tea with spices and ginger, homemade special drinks, and hot water.

Obesity Control

Change your lifestyle. Eat the specified diet at the regular time.

 Reduce your BMI. Otherwise, you are inviting all ailments

By Prabakaran



3 thoughts on “Mothods And Cure For Obesity Control”

  1. Thanks for your blog. I am a bit overweight but not quit obese. My BMI is definitely showing 20% higher than I should be. I will follow your advice and walk an hour each day. What do you think is a healthy rate of weight loss? Which teas do you recommend for weight loss?

    1. Hi Dave
      A rate of 4 to 8 pounds per months is healthy.But I do not advise strict dieting.
      The best way is regular walking or practicing of yoga.

  2. It is amazing that I used to be always slim and wore everything size small, yet now I am reading these articles about weight loss and the causes. I don’t eat a lot, don’t like endurance training. In the last 2 years, though, I have managed to get down 2 sizes. I enjoy my yoga workouts, walk regularly and choose carefully what I eat and how I eat. I am still battling with hydration. I need motivation to drink more water. Any suggestions?

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