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No turning back, no repeating.

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How to get logins to display up

I’m using this for a register with login function but it only displays the first username. I need to display it multiple times. Like as follows.
User Logged In User is New
Thanks. – User is New


The text you showed us is a single instance of word “You”. It’s a single instance because you showed us only one div with class named “register” where you had only one text called “You”.
You need to “loop” through your divs, to check each div if it’s “registered” or not and print there the text.
if($(this).text() == “You”)
console.log(“User is New”);

Netflix Is a Marvelous Way to Watch Original Marvel Series Like “Iron Fist”

Right on cue, the first season of the long-anticipated Iron Fist is now streaming on Netflix, delivering the martial arts, Asian, and comic book-infused action that viewers came to expect from Luke Cage a couple of years ago. Of course, the series has its own distinctive flavor that emerges from the source material of a late eighties set series that is already attracting a devoted following, with Daniel Wu as the main character, colored


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