11 Basic Habits You Should Avoid To Succeed In Natural Home Cures

Natural Home Cures

Things And Habits To Avoid

We all have good habits as well as bad habits, which we are unaware of. People do many usual routine activities without knowing the negative impacts of certain activities on them, their health and well-being.We Have to develop a good habit to succeed in natural home cure remedies.For Example in the normal daily lifestyle habits such as using:

    • long time stored food in the refrigerator
    • using plastic containers for storage of food-related items
    • using dishwashing sponges

for a long time affects the health.

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People should avoid such activities in their lifestyle in order to have full benefits of the natural home cure.

Therefore now let us list out some habits, which we should avoid in our lifestyle to improve our health.

Natural Home Cures

Avoid Household Plastic Equipment For Natural Home Cure

The toxic chemical biphenyl-A mixed in all the plastic equipment used by you can greatly affect your health.  You are using these containers, utensils, plates, and cups for long periods of months and years. This may lead to the occurrence of impotence and cancer in the long run.

Natural Home cure Air Freshener

The Air freshener which you use at home, office, and can cause breathing problems and infertility. That to the long-lasting, highly scented air fresheners are more vulnerable.

Change tooth brush

Tooth Brush

How frequently do you change your toothbrush- 3 months? 6 months? No- Then bacteria infects your toothbrush. Therefore, make a habit to change your toothbrush every two months.

Clean filter in AC

Air Conditioner

You should clean the air conditioner filter at your office, home and car every two weeks.

Otherwise, infectious microorganisms may spread through your air conditioner and cause diseases.

You should replace the filter at regular intervals as specified the manufacturer.


Change inner garments


You should take utmost care of your lingerie and undergarments.Using older garments will cause fungal and other infections in the genital area.Take care to keep the undergarments washed on daily basis and be replaced every 4 to 6 months.


Change dish washing sponge

Dish Washing Sponge

We have seen people using a dishwashing sponge for a long time until it is dirty and out of shape. There are lots of chances for the growth of microorganisms in the older sponges. This will cause fungal and bacterial infections. Therefore you should change the dishwashing sponge frequently.

Change old beauty products

Old Beauty Products

Don’t bother about how costlier are your beauty products. The old beauty products may lead to skin allergies and diseases. You have to dispose of your old products no matter how costlier they are.

Change old spices


Do not use long time stored spices for cooking. The older spices must have lost the nutrients. Older spices also might have infected with the microorganism, which in turn may affect your health.

Do not use refrigerated food for long

The Refrigerated Food

You might think that the food stored in the refrigerator will never get spoiled but it is a wrong conception.

But when the food taken out of the refrigerator gets spoilt in a few minutes which, we are are unaware of.

The long period stored food in the refrigerator will cause stomach upset, digestion problems and food poisoning.


Carbonated foodDiet Soda

They advertise that it is healthier to drink diet soda, but it is not. This affects the metabolism of the body because the artificial sweeteners mixed. The chemicals added will also induce type 2 diabetics.

Incense stickIncense Stick

Avoid using the incandescent stick at home because of the smoke from this contains carbon monoxide and toxic gases. These gases affect the lungs and cause asthma. The longtime intake of carbon monoxide may cause nerve problems and headache. The toxins in the smoke may lead to cell mutation and thus cause cancer. You may get skin allergies and diseases.

By Prabakaran


8 thoughts on “11 Basic Habits You Should Avoid To Succeed In Natural Home Cures”

  1. Interesting and informative tips in your article, some I have heard about others are brand new to me. People will be healthier following your tips in your article, I am already planning to make some changes myself all because of the tips you have shared today.

    Often bad habits are inherited from our parents, the way we grow up as a child can often lead to many of the unhealthy habits we should avoid

  2. Sometimes we are not aware that the very basic habits can affect our health. Thanks for writing this article making us aware of them. Am sure many people will benefit from this.
    After watching the video, I found that I have many things to throw away. Didn’t realise that most of the beauty products shouldn’t be used after a period of time.
    Thanks again.

  3. Thank you for a very informative post. Was particularly interested in what you mentioned about incense sticks and toothbrushes.
    Plastic is something that is starting to worry me. Are you talking about old plastic containers here, or all plastic containers? What about water stored in plastic bottles?
    It’s funny how for every advantage there is also a disadvantage.

    1. Roy ,

      Thanks for comments.It is wise to use glass containers .  Better not to store water in plastic bottles for longer period.But it is true some things we cannot avoid in our life,and we can minimize the usage.

  4. These are very helpful tips. Thanks!

    I did know some of these but there are those that really do make sense in every way and I will definitely follow those!

    I hope you can do so more articles about how herbal remedies can help in mostly every ailment out there. Because instead of taking medicine for almost everything which does more damage instead of cure in most cases, Natural Herbal Medicine should be promoted.

    I am a Filipino, growing up my grandma has different herbal potions for common colds and cough which up to this day is still very effective, Ginger + Lemon + Honey tea, they definitely do wonders! 😀

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      Aim of my site is to make the people know about the importance of natural herbal medicine and to promote the herbal products.There are more articles in my site which you can read. Also, more articles are yet to come.You are welcome to read them.I know about the tea you mentioned.I should write an article covering this too.


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