Natural Herbs And Diabetes Control- Explore The 10 Natural Herbs That Control Diabetes

herbs and diabetes

Natural Herbs And Diabetes Control- Explore The 10 Natural Herbs That Control  Diabetes

In this post let us explore natural herbs and diabetes controlWe are living in the era, where lifestyle has evolved and changed in an unhealthy way with bad food habits. In fact, we have almost forgotten the natural way of living as our forefathers lived.

They had a lot of physical activities and lead a healthy life.

But how do we live in the modern day lifestyle?

Everyone is living in a robotic way. Mobile phones, internet, and television sets are jeopardizing our leisure time.

Person to person interaction and conversation has decreased. What is the outcome?  Stress, Obesity and related diseases.

Here I am going to explain about  Natural Herbs And Diabetes Control.

Diabetes is a disease caused by man-made lifestyle as can be seen above. In fact, earlier researchers considered diabetes as a hereditarily inflicted disease.

But on the whole, it has evolved as a habitual disease- inflicting anyone.

Natural Herbs and Diabetes  Control

In the first place, slightly redesigning your lifestyle and food habits can suppress diabetes.  Let us explore 10 natural precious herbs which are most useful in controlling diabetes. Furthermore, we will see the method of utilization of these herbs in curing diabetes.I am presenting this article  –natural herbs and diabetes control as I wish to share the benefit I achieved by using Ladies finger for controlling my sugar level.

1.Tulsi-Holy Basil (OCIMUM SANCTUM)

Holy basil is a herb native of India and grows all over the world. You can grow this herb in pots at your home. The Hindus worship this plant, early in the morning because the aroma and air surrounding this plant are healthier.

natural herbs and diabetes control

Moreover, In Hindu temples they offer Tulsi leaves to god which in turn given to the devotees.

The holy basil leaves may improve beta cell function of the pancreas and thus enhance insulin secretion, which in turn controls type 2 diabetes. Tulsi leaf not only cures diabetes but also good for many other ailments.

Take 2.5 grams of Tulsi powder mixed in a cup of warm water or chew some clean Tulsi leaves early in the morning with empty stomach.  Using the leaves gives enormous health benefits in the long run.

2.Flax Seeds

How can flax seed control blood sugar? Flaxseeds may improve insulin sensitivity in glucose intolerant patients. Helps drop the stress level due to the antioxidant qualities of flaxseeds. Researchers found a significant drop in insulin resistance due to drop in stress level.

natural herbs and diabetes control

Taking a tablespoon of flax seeds powder for a month appears to control the fasting blood sugar level, triglycerides levels, and cholesterol.  You can get a better result in HbA1c tests.

Therefore, mix one tablespoon of flaxseed powder in warm water and drink in empty stomach early in the morning.


Studies show that Cinnamon controls blood glucose and cholesterol levels in patients with type two diabetes, and reduce risk related to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

natural herbs and diabetes

As per the scientific proof available, many health experts claim that cinnamon contains properties that are a beneficial treatment for diabetes.

In addition, cinnamon has so many other health benefits such as anti-clotting, relieve arthritis pain, boosts immunity, good for fungus infection, improves digestion, controls growth of cancer cells, protects food from spoiling, contains nutrients like calcium, fiber, manganese, and iron,

Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with food on daily basis.

4.Green Tea

Green Tea consists plenty of antioxidants called Polyphenols.

The Polyphenols protect the body from many inflammations and cancer-causing carcinogens.

natural herbs and diabetes control

Furthermore, researchers have proved that these properties in green tea help to prevent diabetes, as well as some kind of cancers, and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore drink one cup of green tea early in the morning or before breakfast to control type 2 diabetes

5.Moringa Olefera Leaves

natural herbs and diabetes control

The moringa tree leaves contain over 45 types of antioxidants, over 90 nutrients, and amino acids, making it one the most powerful super green food ever known.



Moreover, the antioxidant and amino acids play important role in maintaining the overall health of the body.

In addition, taking moringa leaf recipe or extract regularly helps to control diabetes by regulating glucose level in the blood.

Drinking Moringa Juice or tea regularly Early in the morning controls sugar levels in the blood.

6. Bitter melon- Momordica Charantia

natural herbs and diabetes control

The Bitter Gourd or melon is a vegetable with a rough exterior, green in color, and most bitter in taste among the vegetables.

Ayurveda used bitter melon for curing several diseases since the ancient time. People in India call bitter gourd as Karela and it is a regular recipe in the Indian kitchens.

In addition, they use as a herbal medicine for many diseases including diabetes.

The three substances Charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p in the bitter Gourd act together to lower the blood sugar level.

You can eat bitter melon recipes once in a week or you can drink bitter melon juice once in three days for more benefits.

7.Neem Leaf

natural herbs and diabetes control

Neem tree is originally from India and widely planted all over the world.

Ayurvedic scholars used this tree to cure a large number of diseases since the ancient time. Neem is a naturally found miracle drug, curing many diseases like blood pressure and diabetes. It is a most popular among the soap and hair oil manufacturers.

Neem is being mostly used by herbal medicine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.

The neem leaf consists the compounds like flavonoid, triterpenoid, anti-viral compounds, and glycosides which are antidiabetic compounds.

In addition, neem leaf is used as a medicinal plant for many other diseases. The leaf of neem is of bitter in taste.

You can make Juice from young fresh leaves of the Neem tree and drink with an empty stomach the morning to control diabetes.

 8.Indian Blackberry or Java Plum

natural herbs and diabetes control

Java Plum is widely grown in India, Myanmar and in all subtropical climates.

Ayurveda uses Blackberry fruit as medicine for diabetes, stomach ailments, asthma, and lung problems.

Java Plum is rich in Vitamins A, B & Vitamin C, manganese, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, and calcium. It’s is rich in high carbohydrate and a low-calorie. Indian blackberry is tastier to eat.

The blackberry stimulates the pancreas to boost the insulin production. The antioxidants present, especially flavonoid in the seed is very useful in controlling diabetes.

You can eat 5 to 6 java plum every day in the morning or add a teaspoon of seed powder in warm water and drink in empty stomach.

 9.Indian Gooseberry or Amla Emblica Officinalis

natural herbs and diabetes control

Indian Gooseberry or Amla tree grows in India and produces fruit in autumn season. You can consume Gooseberry, a sour tasting fruit either fresh or in pickled form.  Naturally preserved form of Amla fruit is also available.

Gooseberry is rich in vitamin A, B, C,  antioxidant, and contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron,  chromium, beta-carotene.

In addition to its medicinal properties, it has an encouraging effect on the pancreas, where hormone insulin is secreted. The chromium content helps to manage blood sugar levels by regulating the carbohydrate metabolism which reduces the blood glucose level.

Moreover, Gooseberry is also available as powder form in drug stores.

You can eat  3 Amla fruits or consume 6 g of amla powder mixed in the warm water in the morning every day with the empty stomach.

10.Ladies Finger Water- Abelmoschus Esculentus

natural herbs and diabetes control

Ladies finger vegetables grow in India, America, Ethiopia, and the Caribbean and belong to the family hibiscus.

Ladies finger contains potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. It is low in calories and has a high dietary fiber content. Recently researchers found out that ladies finger controls diabetes.

The insoluble fiber present in ladies finger is believed to stabilize blood glucose by slowing down the rate of carbohydrate absorption from the stomach.

Recently it is found out experimentally that- soaking, the slit ladies finger in the water overnight in a cup of water and drinking early in the morning regulates the blood sugar level.

Soak slit ladies finger in water overnight in a cup of water and drink the water in the morning
I hope you enjoyed Reading my post- Natural herbs and diabetes control. If you have any suggestions or queries please feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.



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  1. It actually is a shame that our society now does spend most of its time consumed with mobile phones, internet, and TV…well, TV has been consumed forever, but it’s evolved into something pretty unhealthy in my opinion. A lot of these remedies you mention are popular in India I noticed…and despite having an Indian father, I haven’t tried those yet…I should mention these to him. However, 2 on your list, Cinammon and Flax Seeds are ones I consume regularly…love myself some green tea from time to time as well. Thanks for this!

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks For your reply. The remedies mentioned are not only available in India but worldwide and in some form of powder, capsule or liquid. I am happy to see that you are using some of them.


  2. What I love about herbs is what they can do for us. Herbs have so many uses and do benefit the body in so many ways. It is good to see that herbs are also used in helping those that face the issues of diabetes. These herbs should be called super herbs because of what they can do. Your post is very informative and will be a great help to all of your readers

    1. Norman

      Thanks for your reply. You are correct. Some of the herbs should be called super herbs.But many people are not aware of the herbs available. Therefore, we have to spread the knowledge about these and promote the herbal gardening.


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