Natural Alternative Antibiotics

Natural Alternative Antibiotics

Natural Anti Biotic-minimize The Danger Of Prescribed Medicines! Get Benefit From Natural Alternative Antibiotics!

You should use prescribed antibiotics only if the worst situation arises. That is why Doctors avoid prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily.

The antibiotic medicines destroy the natural bacteria, which helps our metabolism. This causes stomach ulcers as well as many other side effects.

There are natural herbs and plants, which naturally have the properties of the prescribed antibiotics. Moreover, your body is strengthened by these herbs, which provide resistance to diseases and ailments.

Moreover, your body is strengthened by these herbs, which provide resistance to diseases and ailments.

Let us see some herbal foods, which provides resistance to our body which have the antibiotic properties.

 Natural Alternative Antibiotics-List

Natural Alternative Antibiotics


People of Egypt and India are using the honey as antibiotic from the ancient time.

The constituent, hydrogen peroxide in honey has the properties of antibiotics. The sugar in the honey and the hydrogen peroxide stimulates the growth of good bacteria.

Moreover, honey has a lower PH value, which gives protection from bacteria.

Therefore, you can apply the honey directly on the wound for healing. The honey applied to the wound destroys the bacteria and thus heals the wound. Drinking one teaspoon of honey everyday heals the wounds in the inner organs as well as helps to control obesity.

Natural Alternative Antibiotics

Garlic- King OF Natural Alternative Antibiotics

Garlic has the antimicrobial properties.

The research shows that there are a lot of antibacterial properties in garlic. You can consume garlic in a limited quantity such as two pieces of garlic per day.

If you are taking garlic extract tablets follow the dose as per the doctor’s instruction.

Natural Alternative Antibiotics

Thyme Plant 

Thyme plant is a superior natural alternative antibiotic.

The oil extracted from Thyme Plant- Botanical name “Thymus vulgaris” has antimicrobial properties against virus and bacteria.

The research shows that both thyme and lavender oils have very good antimicrobial properties against bacteria as well as viruses.

Again researchers found out that thyme is more superior to lavender in the antimicrobial properties. You can use thyme oil externally as well as internally.

There are various ways of external and internal usage of thyme oil.

Thyme oil is a good solution to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

It can be used for infections, cold and flu, fungal infections, burns and wound.  You can Use as mouthwash, toothache, sinus, whooping cough, and constipation.  Women can use this oil for menstrual pains.

You can use thyme oil mixed with honey, vinegar, and oils.

This herbal oil can be used as a tincture for wounds mixed with alcohol. you can use this oil with steam for inhaling.

If you use this herb as a spice in small quantities for preparing food.

Thyme Oil Extract

It is available as thyme essential oil. There are at least seven 7 chemically distinct types. Therefore, while selecting these types, the consultation with supplier, doctor, and dietician is essential.

Let Us Get To Know And Start Using Herbal Medicines To Lead A Peaceful Natural Life!

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  1. Hi Prabakaran,

    Thanks for this informative article! What you post will really help many people out there, including myself.

    I never thought that all these common food like honey, onion and especially Thyme Oil can be so effective as an antibiotic.

    With their natural effect to kill germs and strengthen our health, this definitely will save us a lot of money spent on medical bills.

  2. Hey Praba how are you?

    I came across your site and how!! Great information here and I could use these remedies myself. Love that you talk about honey cause it’s my favorite for remedies that I use.

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