Manassu Nannavatte – NSS Song.mp3 1 ((BETTER))

Manassu Nannavatte – NSS Song.mp3 1 ((BETTER))


Manassu Nannavatte – NSS Song.mp3 1

Hajji Ghatanga

“Hajji Ghatanga” (हजी घटंगा ) is a 1953 Hindi hit song. Its music was composed by Manna Dey and lyrics were written by Mohammad Waheed Bakhsh. The song was included in the 1953 film Krishnama, starring Dev Anand and Meena Kumari. The film also had Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam remakes. A. R. Rahman is of the opinion that this song is an amalgamation of “Madhuban Ghar” (मधुबन घर) and “Shri Savitri”.
It is a song for which Dev Anand has won a Filmfare Award for Best Male Singer. It is the first ever song where he is credited as “Kishore Kumar” instead of his usual name, Dev Anand, which became popular after his performance.
In all the versions, Rahman either sings the same song differently or uses alternate lyrics. However, there is also a variant where both Dev Anand and Rahman sing different songs.
Among the many films which have this song in its soundtrack are Krishna Maatra, Krishnama, Pabla Pandit, Jugnoo, and Prem Bandhan. All the songs were in public domain until their copyright expired in 1995. However, the original song was not released as a single. It was re-recorded for the 1999 film Prem Bandhan as “Prem Bandhan Re…”.
Lyrics, Singers, Composer and Producer of this song are not credited on the movie and from all data that I can find, even Manoj Kumar could not sing it. However, the chorus is by Manna Dey, and I believe he was the main composer, not Dev Anand, who merely used his name as a title. So, the song was not written by him.
The song is best known from the Bengali version Megh Damayanti Nenoy Tumi Mon, where it’s the second song. It was sung by Nazrul Islam and Mira Sahiba. The song is the prelude for Megh Damayanti Nenoy Tumi Mon. In the Tamil version, the song is not called “Hajji Ghatanga”. It’s called “Hame Zameenai Main Maanaam”.
Wikipedia says the Bengali version was sung by “Nazrul

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This Song is the 1st episode (1.05 Minutes long) of the OST of Manassu Nannavatte Movie.
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