How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly – Homemade Dandruff Treatment

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly

The Dandruff not only embarrass you but also you get mentally irritated due to the problems it gives. You might have tried a lot of medicines, shampoo, and conditioners but with no results, with repeating dandruff. You must be wondering how to get rid of dandruff quickly. Therefore, to resolve your problem forever, I am writing about the simple natural homemade dandruff treatment with Onion Juice for dandruff and itchy scalp.

The itchy scalp and your tendency to scratch your scalp, resulting in emanating white scales embarrass you in common places. To resolve this dandruff problem there is a simple forever home remedy with naturally available vegetables, spices, and pulses.

Onion is a great solution to dandruff and itchy scalp problem and it can be used with simply available various natural spices, vegetables, oils and pulses in different combinations.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly – Homemade Dandruff Treatment?

How Does Onion help to Combat Dandruff and Itchy Scalp?

Use of Onion Juice for dandruff and itchy scalp treatment is a  traditional Homemade dandruff treatment method followed by our forefathers. Onion Juice does the following acts to remove your dandruff.

  • Kills Bacteria and stops the white scale formation.
  • Increases the blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Strengthens the root of the hair.

Therefore, the hair fall due to dandruff stops and you can notice a remarkable increase in the hair growth. Instead of using Onion juice alone you can combine the onion juice with various other oils, vegetables, spices and pulses to get shiny and bulk hair as well.

Now Let us see various  Homemade dandruff treatment methods and how to get rid of dandruff quickly.

1.Onion and Apple Juices


Homemade Dandruff Treatment

  1. Onion Juice -2 Tablespoon
  2.  Apple Juice -2 Tablespoon

Preparation And Application

You have to blend the onion and Apple separately to get their Juices. Mix the juices thoroughly and apply on your scalp uniformly with your fingers gently. Allow it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes and wash your head with a mild or natural shampoo. Apple Juice absorbs the dead cells from the dandruff scales and improves the skin of the scalp.

On the whole, you will experience very effective results if you do this homemade dandruff treatment twice a week.

2.Fenugreek Seeds With Onion Juice


Onion and Fenugreek seed Mix

  1. Fenugreek seeds- 2 tablespoon
  2. Onion Juice- 2 tablespoon

Preparation And Application 

Soak the Fenugreek seeds in the water overnight and grind it with a mixer to form a smooth mixture. Add 2 tablespoons of onion juice to the Fenugreek seed mixture and mix thoroughly. You can apply this mixture to your scalp with your fingers smoothly and leave to soak for 30 minutes.

Then wash your scalp and hair with a natural shampoo. This method not only relieves you from dandruff but also makes your hair shine.

Furthermore, you will get rid of the fungal infection from your scalp. You may do homemade dandruff treatment twice a week which will be very effective.

3.Mung Bean(Green Gram) And Onion Juice

Green Gram And Onion Juice


Mung bean flour- 2 Tablespoon

Onion Juice -1 Tablespoon

Preparation And Application 

Add the Onion juice to the Mung bean flour in a bowl and mix to form a consistent paste. Then, apply the mixture to your scalp uniformly and allow to dry.Then wash your head with a mild or herbal shampoo. If you repeat this homemade dandruff treatment once in every week you can get rid of dandruff easily.

4.Aloe Vera And Onion Juice


Aloe Vera gel -2 tablespoon

Onion juice- 3Tablespoon

Preparation And Application 

Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a jar and apply on to the scalp in hair follicles and massage for some time. Then after 20 minutes wash your hair with mild or natural shampoo. Repeating this process twice a week will give you a very good result in treating dandruff.

5.Snake Gourd And Onion Juice


Sanke Gourd Juice -1 Tablespoon

Onion Juice – 1 Tablespoon

Method Of Preparation And Application

You will be wondering how to get rid of dandruff quickly by using Snake Gourd.  In fact, Snake Gourd has the property to moisturize your scalp and helps to curb the dryness. Hence, the Snake Gourd helps to get rid of dandruff quickly. Mix the ingredients and apply the mixture on to your scalp and leave it to soak for 30 minutes.Then wash your hair. You can do this homemade dandruff treatment for 2 to 3 times a week.

6.Olive Oil And Onion Juice

In the first place, everyone knows the importance of olive oil to the hair health. Therefore, on mixing with Onion Juice and using on your scalp gets rid of dandruff from your scalp.


Olive Oil – 1 Tablespoon

Onion juice- 2 Tablespoon


Mix the ingredients and apply the mixture to your scalp and massage thoroughly. Leave it to soak for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with a mild or natural shampoo. Your hair becomes shiny by using this treatment.You may use this method for 2 to3 times a week which eradicate dandruff permanently.

7.Lemon Juice, Coconut Oil & Onion Juice

As can be seen, most of the South  Asians use Coconut oil on their hair regularly from the ancient times. Why? Because it nourishes your hair, make your hair shiny and also a powerful anti-dandruff. Additionally, when mixed with lemon Juice and Onion Juice the mixture acts as a powerful anti-dandruff mix.


Lemon Juice- 1 teaspoon

Coconut Oil  – 4 teaspoon

Onion juice -3 teaspoon

Preparation And Application

Mix all the ingredients in a mixer and apply onto the scalp and hair follicles uniformly. Then allow it to soak for 20 minutes and wash your hair with a natural shampoo.

You can perform this homemade dandruff treatment twice a week for the best results.If your worry is how to get rid of dandruff quickly then this is one of the best methods to cure dandruff.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Onion Juice

Apple cider vinegar is a natural antifungal and maintains the PH value. Hence when mixed with onion Juice it gives a great combination to solve your dandruff problem.


1.Apple Cider Vinegar – 1 Tablespoon

2.Onion juice – 1 Tablespoon

Preparation And Application

Mix the Apple Cider Vinegar and Onion Juice and apply on your scalp and massage well for 5 to 10 minutes.

You can do this treatment for once in a week to get the best results. Apple Cider Vinegar maintains the PH value of your scalp and controls dandruff along with the Onion permanently.

My Final Words

In the final analysis, I would like to say that all the 7 methods mentioned above are best methods to control your chronic dandruff problem. Your persistent worry how to get rid of dandruff quickly by the homemade dandruff treatment can be solved very easily by selecting any one method convenient to you with the locally available ingredients.

You might have spent a lot of money with the doctors and medicines. But these are an only temporary solution to your problem. Always adapting to natural solutions will be permanent without side effects.

To have the full result you should take a balanced diet as well.  In conclusion, I wish you all to have a healthy scalp and hair.

Hope you enjoyed my post “How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly – Homemade Dandruff Treatment “. If you have any doubts, question or suggestions please be free to write your comment in the comment space below.

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  1. WOW ONION HUH? What a trip! I have most of these ingredients at my house. I am going to make my own concoction – and bookmark your site. I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff and I am always using tar shampoo or clear shampoo which hardly works. I hate the smell of the tar shampoo. I think I am going to try the lemon coconut and onion juice one first…. and then I am going to try the olive oil / onion mixture… I am really excited. How do you recommend juicing the onions btw ? In a blender or food processor? Is there usually a strong sm/ell that sticks around or is it easy to get rid of or rinse off?

    1. Hi Sophia!

      Thanks for visiting my site.I am happy that  my contents help you. Onion can be juiced using a blender. You can mix any kind of essential oil to overcome the smell. Also You can use a mild natural shampoo after rinsing if you still feel the smell. Hope you  get well from seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff very soon.


  2. Wow Praba25,

    You get an A+, too bad my friend.

    Wow! I like your site! Onions for dandruff, WHAA???
    Your site is informative not to mention, news to me.

    I like your content you taught me something, I will bookmark your site for later reading my brother. I grade site on the content not the glitzes and hooplas of graphics etc. Good job!

    Site design is great! Easy reading with ample space and margins. I like that about a site, first and foremost!

    Nothing to not like my brother!

    Thanks for allowing me to review your site!


  3. Hello.

    I am so happy that I came across your site. I very much enjoyed reading the article on “How to Get Rid of Dandruff.” I am going to tell my son about the natural remedies that you have outlined for us. He does not have an itchy scalp but does get a bit of dandruff due to an autoimmune disease he was diagnosed with. It is embarassing for him.

    I always choose to go with natural remedies and products as opposed to one that contain a lot of harsh ingredients and harmful things for the health. There is nothing bad in what you have told us about — all good things from the earth to help this condition.

    So, I’m going to surprise him with one of the products that you recommended. Which of the 2 anti-dandruff shampoos would be best for a young man? Maybe one that does not have a floral scent. Would either of those work for a man? I would like to purchase one from you!


    1. Hi Cath!

      Thanks for spending time for reading my post. Both products are suitable for young men.My option will be

      Natural Organic Shampoo By selenium.First Botany  Therapeutic  Tea tree oil Scalp Shampoo. 

      Both have good customer rating in amazon because they show excellent results. But,.before going into these products you can also try the natural remedies as per my article.I am very happy that my post helps you a lot.

      Thanks again

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