Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit

ome remedies for erectyle dysfunction with figs fruit

Every food you eat have their own value to your health and well being. In fact, each food we take has the power to cure the disease we have or protects you from getting some sort of disease. The nutrition value and the power of the food increases or decreases as to how we intake the food. In this article, we are going to discuss home remedies for erectile dysfunction with figs fruit mixed in olive oil.


The Figs fruit not only helps to cure erectile dysfunction in men but also good for improving fertility in women too.

The combination of Figs and olive oil helps enormously in many ways to improve your health which leads to very healthy intercourse between couples.

Now let us check out how is it possible? What is the recipe combination? how to make the recipes? and finally the health benefits.

What is fig fruit?

Botanical name of the fig tree -Ficus Carica. The fig tree is native to the Middle East and Western Asia. People grow a Figs tree from very ancient time and presently people grow widely worldwide in their backyard and commercially also.

Figs belong to the family Mulberry family.

It grows well in Continental climates.

The fig fruit is available in the following forms.

  • Fresh
  • Dried
  • Processed form

When you eat them fresh or dried, figs are extremely nutritious. They can also be incorporated into various dishes.

Incredible Figs Fruit

We all know very well that there are a lot of health benefits in eating figs fruit. It excellently helps in curing and controlling from simple stomach problem to complex cancer disease. If you eat a fig fruit a day you get enormous benefits out of this practice.

Good blood circulation, controlled diabetes, normal blood pressure, controlled body mass Index(BMI), good stomach health and better bone strength, all keeps one fit and strengthens the mental power as well. All these factors do also support one’s involvement in a good sexual relationship with the partner.

Importance Of Olive Oil

Home remedies for erectyle dysfunction with figs fruit

Why olive oil? Olive oil is superior to all other edible oils in all aspects. When you use olive oil for cooking it keeps all diseases away and increase your lifespan. Especially, Olive oil keeps the high blood pressure in control and keeps diabetes in control thus helping the cardiovascular health.

Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit -Fig Fruit And Olive Oil

Dried figs Soaked In Olive Oil for Curing Erectyle Dysfunction

Health Benefits Of Figs Fruit And Olive Oil Combination

The outcome of the combination of Figs and Olive oil give an enormous power which aids as a natural home remedy For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit and olive oil. Moreover, the combination helps improve female fertility, digestive tract health, and regulation of normal blood flow in the human body. system

How To Make The Recipe?

Required materials and ingredients.:-

Glass Jar                   -1 No

Dried Fig Fruits    -40 pieces.

Olive oil                  – Required quantity


Place all the 40 pieces of Fig fruits into the glass Jar. Fill the jar with Olive oil so that the fruits are fully soaked and covered with olive oil.  you have to leave the mixture for 40 days with the lid closed to airtight.

How to eat?

Consume one olive oil soaked fruit thus prepared before a meal every day.

1.Good Supplement For Sexual Power and Endurance For Men

Ancient Ayurvedic and Siddha traditional practitioners recommended fig Fruits as a way to correct erectile dysfunction like  Endurance and fertility. This fruit was a major part of their culture and most powerful supplement for erectile dysfunction.

Nowadays most of the men have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation problems due to a modern and stressful lifestyle. Due to this dysfunction men are in depression which further deteriorates their problems.

The figs olive oil mix is a great supplement to solve this issue.  The ancestors made this home remedies for erectile dysfunction with figs fruit mixed in olive oil.

The following nutrients available in this mix enables for the men’s endurance.

  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Phenol
  • Omega3
  • Omega6
  • Pectin as fiber

2. Helps Women Fertility

Not only Figs fruit Olive oil mix helps for men libido but also helps women fertility. Taking a Figs soaked in Olive Oil every day makes women ovum fertile and thus helps women fertility.

3.Improves Blood Circulation

Eradicates Anemia and irregular blood circulation by increasing the red blood cells count and regulates the blood flow throughout your body and in turn improves the reproductive system which was affected by irregular blood flow.

This combination can be used to fulfill your iron requirement. Iron is required by our body to transport oxygen in the blood. Reduced iron will result in reduced delivery of oxygen to the cells. This, in turn, can make us tired and susceptible to infection.

4. Cardio Vascular Health

The Olive oil figs fruit mix has phenol, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which control the bad cholesterol. Hence, maintains cardiovascular system health and coronary artery disease. Moreover, figs contain pectin which is a soluble fiber. When this fiber when moves in digestive tract basically mop up the cholesterol and carry them to the excretory system from where they are eliminated.from the body. Tryglicerides are also kept in check.

5. Digestive track Health

There is plenty of fiber in each serving, This high concentration of fiber helps to promote healthy, regular bowel function and prevents constipation. Fiber adds bulk and mass to the bowel movements. Therefore, it not only prevents from constipation but also eliminates irregular and unhealthy bowel movement and diarrhea.

6.Weight Loss

The high fiber content helps to lose weight and hence often recommended to reduce obese people. The High calory in this mixture can also increase weight when overeaten. therefore, beware.

7.Controls Diabetes

This is a good snack option for diabetics. The fig fruit is rich in potassium which in turn keeps the blood sugar level in control.

8.Bone Health

Figs are rich in calcium which is one of the best components in strengthening the bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It is also rich in phosphorous which encourages the bone formation and spurs regrowth if there is any damage or degradation to bones.


In this post, we have seen briefly what is figs fruit and health benefits of figs fruit. Furthermore, we explored the benefits of amazing figs and Olive Oil mixture. However, Our main aim and focus are on erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Accordingly, we made the Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit and olive oil. Regardless, we have seen the other health benefits which also indirectly helps for men Erectile dysfunction and women fertility.

In conclusion, I want to say that fresh fig fruits are not available everywhere in the world and you may buy as dried fruits.

In addition, not only you can benefit from the recipe we discussed but also eating fresh figs also helps a lot.

You must have enjoyed reading my article about Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit and you are welcome to question, comment or suggestion in the comment box below.

Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit


10 thoughts on “Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction With Figs Fruit”

  1. Wow, what a great article.  I’ve been a fig grower for years so am really interested in your article!Figs are such a superfood, so now I learned that erectile dysfunction is one of the many many benefits.  Figs and olive oil are 2 ancient foods that never go out of fashion.  I have never seen them combined before!  This looks delicious and could probably be added to salads?What are the best ways you recommend to add this to other foods rather than taking them plain as 1 olive oil soaked fruit?Thank you for listing the comprehensive list of benefits from this simple combination.  Is it really great for preventative cardiovascular health?  Do you have any better home remedies for this?

    It has motivated me to dry figs again!  Thank you, John

    1. John!

      Yes, It can be added to Salads. Cheese, honey, apple cider vinegar, Rasberry, Orange fruit, Spices like cinnamon and walnuts can be combined with figs fruit. Garlic is a good remedy for cardiovascular health. Garlic with honey and fried Garlic (five pieces) every night are best home remedies not only for cardio health but also for overall health.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us such a wonderful post on home remedies for Erectile dysfunction with figs fruits.Our body is our richness.When there is something which goes wrong,we have troubles in different domain especially in couple’s relationship.

    I know many family with Erectile dysfunction and they always have trouble at home.I am going to recommend them this remedies so that they start live happily again.

    You are saving people’s lives

    1. Hi Julienne!

      Thanks for visiting and giving a valuable comment. I am very happy that you are going to recommend this home remedy to your friends.

      Happy new year!

  3. Prabakaran,

    I live in the United States do you know of a way to get fresh fig fruit in our country by chance?  I mean we can buy dried figs but are these then not considered a processed fruit, not being as full of the vitamins and minerals as the fresh fruit would be?  I have always used Olive Oil usually the Virgin Olive Oil in salad dressings and for cooking, not really sure for your recipe here you just say Olive Oil which one would you recommend using the Virgin or not?  Thank you for the article I am curious about the answers to my questions.


    1. Susan!

      Figs are grown in some parts of The US like in California, Texas, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. Therefore, you should get it. You can get Naturally dried organic Figs anywhere without any processing. Of course, you can use Virgin olive oil. 

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

  4. Thank you a wonderful post on Figs.  I once had a Fig tree in the garden of a rental property but never really understood why people raved about it.

    Whilst I am a bit past the fertility stage, I do have high blood pressure, and am trying to loose weight.  I am a cancer survivor, having had 2 different types of skin cancers – one 30 years ago and another a couple of years back.  I love that this fruit is beneficial to both medical conditions. I am always on the look out for ideas to reduce my cancer risk.

    I use extra virgin olive oil for salads but not for cooking because of the low smoke point, and I like to cook my red meat quickly.  Maybe I need to have a rethink because of the benefits.

    I wonder if I could come up with a recipe for Fig and Olive Oil Salad? What do you think?

    1. Kerry!

      Than you for making a wonderful comment. Of course, Fig and olive oil salad should be a good choice. Sorry for hearing that you had cancer twice. And glad that you survived cancer. What was the cause of cancer? If you can tell I will be able to write a natural remedy in my natural home cure site.


  5. Hi this is great article with lot’s of helpful tips and natural solution about erectile dysfunction problem. Actually I was looking for natural ways of being fit and staying younger and I found this article is really helpful for me. I believe it will be also helpful for those who are facing erectile dysfunction problem and mentally sick. I am going to refer it to my friend. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    1. Mzakapon!

      Thanks you for your valuable comment. I am happy that my post helps you and you are going to refer my post to your friend. Happy new year.

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