Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction-Natural Home Remedies

Herbs for erectile dysfunction

Herbs for Erectile Dysfunction-Natural Home Remedies To Increase Men’s vitality And Vigor

I would like to present these herbs for erectile dysfunction article in order to make people aware of the natural remedies available to us easily rather than going to costlier allopathy medicines which cause a lot of side effects too.

Infertility is common to men and women equally. But people have a conception that most women are infertile. In fact, this is a wrong conception.

When men do not attain enough hardness in their genital to penetrate they fail in intercourse. Sometimes, even though they can attain hardness their semen is infertile. All these conditions are known as men infertility.

All things considered, in this post let us see some important natural herbs for erectile dysfunction which enhances men’s desire and improves vigor, vitality, and fertility. After all, these herbs are most commonly available in our backyard or in herbal stores as supplements.

As can be seen, there are many herbs for erectile dysfunction cure as listed below

2.Ashwagandha-Withania Omnifera

I would say this is one of the super herbs for erectile dysfunction and for improving the vigor. You can take, milk mixed with 10 grams of Ashwagandha powder 2 times a day to increases fertility and desire for intercourse herbs for erectile dysfunction

The capsule form is also available in all drug store. To know more about Ashwagandha click here. Not only this is a super herb for erectile dysfunction but also good for the overall health of the body.

2.  Goldeneye Grass, Black Musli,(Curculigo orchioides )

Traditional medicines use the rhizome of this plant for medicinal purpose. This plant is native to China and India.Erectile

Additionally, Musli gives various other health benefits .this plant is extensively used to treat erectile dysfunction, low sperm count and, low libido. Black Musili is used to treat respiratory, digestive, urinary and skin problems also

3.Shatavari – Asparagus Racemosus

Shatavari is native to India, Nepal, and Sri-Lanka. This plant is endangered due to deforestation.Erectile dysfunction

Meaning of Shatavari is the cure for 100 diseases. This plant is used in all traditional medicinal practice like Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani. The root is used for medicinal purposes.

Shatavari has aphrodisiac and increases sexual desire. Also, it is used to treat stomach problems, diarrhea tuberculosis, diabetes, dementia, anxiety, and cancer etc.

4.Salab Mishri (Orchis Latifolia)

Slab Mishri an orchid native to India and it grows wild. This plant cures erectile dysfunction. Herbs for Erectile dysfunction

Salab Mishri is very effective in improving sexual health because it is an excellent aphrodisiac agent. It grows in the little cold climate. It helps to cure erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation and impotence.

5.Moringa Fruit Seeds


Moringa Olefera seeds have aphrodisiac properties. This tree is known as the miracle tree. It too helps men and women in enhancing sexual stimulation. Furthermore, it is not only super food for erectile dysfunction but also has enormous other health benefits. To know more click here.

6.Velvet Beans (Mucuna pruriens)

It is a tropical legume plant native to Africa and tropical Asia.

Herbs for Erectile

This plant is a legume and therefore people use this as forage and manure too.

In traditional medicine practitioners use this plant for many dysfunctions as well as for Parkinson’s disease, snake bite, for libido boosting, and for the anti-depressant.

7.Indian Lotus Seeds or, Sacred Lotus(Nelumbo Nucifera)

herbs for sexual dysfuction

It is native to tropical Asia and Australia. Equally important Lotus is the national flower of India. People use all the parts of the lotus plant in traditional medicine.

The traditional medicine uses lotus seed as a sexual enhancer. Furthermore, it has enormous health benefits for kidney, spleen, and heart. It is good for diarrhea, as well as has calming properties.

8.Licorice  Glycyrrhiza Glabra(Athimathuram)

Licorice is native to Middle East, Southern Europe, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, and Russia. The Indians and Chinese use this plant for medicinal purposes.  Athimathuram was well known in ancient India and China.Erectile dysfunction

Infertility among women and men are increasing by lifestyle change. Before centuries traditional medicine used this plant to treat infertility. Licorice root powder mixed with milk and honey improves the semen.

If the women consume Athimathuram and dry grapes powder water and milk mix for 4 to 5 days from their periods time there are chances to get pregnant. Moreover drinking this mix for a month is best for pregnant women.

In Addition, it is helpful for constipation, throat infection, stomach health, cough, ulcer etc. This plant is famous in allopathy too. The paste of this powder applied heals the wounds. When you mix this powder with saffron powder and apply to the bald head you can notice the growth of hair.

9. Gooseberry Dry Fruits/Powder

Goose beery enhances fertility and libido among men as well as improves the sex life.herbs for erectile dysfunction

You can eat fresh raw fruit. Drinking Amla fruit powder mixed with cow’s milk Improves sperm production and sperm count. Gooseberry is a natural aphrodisiac and hence improves the reproductive health unknown by many. Additionally, this fruit keeps all the diseases at bay due to its immune support.

10.Hygrophil ( Nees, Asteracantha Longifolia) 

Sexual enhancer

Hygrophila plant is Native to Asia and Africa.

All parts of this plant have medicinal properties.it is has a lot of health benefits as well as an ability to increases libido in men.

When you take powders of Nees seed, Moringa seed, lotus seed and onion seed equally mixed with milk increases the libido of men Furthermore Nees seed powder alone in milk alone also gives benefits for sexual life.


Herbs for erectie dysfuction

The nutrients in grapes that give high benefit are Vitamin C. Vitamin C aphrodisiac. In addition, it is good for cancer, heart health, digestion, kidney, constipation, insomnia, premature aging, asthma infections, and eye health

12. Sesame Seed


The Zinc Content in sesame seed is good for sperm production and improving libido. In India people generally, use Sesame oil for cooking. In addition, it has enormous other health benefits.

13. Fig Fruit-( Ficus Carica)

Male Sexual desire

You can eat this fruit as fresh fruit or dry which enhances libido.

14. Nut Meg-Myristica Fragrans

Desire For Sex

Nutmeg not only decreases depression but also increases sexual desire. You can take this in pickle form or as a powder form. Mix 4 g of powder in a cup of milk and drink twice daily

15. Pomegranate Flower

Herbs for sexual desire

Boiling this flower in a cup of milk, mixing little honey and drinking regularly increases fertility.


Erectile booster

Sauté onion and eat with honey at the night. Then drink a cup of cow milk. Furthermore, for quick arousal, you can take slices of raw onion added with lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

17.Nigella Sativa-Black Fennel Oil

Black fennel seed

Applying Black Fennel oil of on your male genital increases blood flow and thereby increases libido.

18.  Spade Flower( Hybanthus enneaspermus). Pink Ladies Slipper

You can mix the powder of this flower with sugar and eat regularly to increase fertility and libido.

Other Herbs for Erectile dysfunction can be listed as below:-
  • Sweet potato.
  • Gossypium arboretum seed -cottonseed.
  • Pista.
  • Acrot dry fruit.
  • Cucumber seeds.
  • Almond.
  • White gourd seeds.
Hope you have enjoyed reading the useful post-  Herbs for Erectile dysfunction -Natural home remedies. If you have any doubts and suggestion please feel free to drop a comment below.



4 thoughts on “Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction-Natural Home Remedies”

  1. This is a problem that so many men are having but the good part is that there are natural products that are there to help with this problem. Herbs are really great and beneficial and have proven to offer help to so many people.

    I believe that your readers will find what you are sharing to be a great help in helping them to take control of this problem in natural ways.

  2. Hi, it is great that there are also some natural herbs for Erectile dysfunction instead of supplements. My favorites are fig food and grapes as I am not very familiar with some others. But I may try to buy them on fresh market or in a drug store.
    Highly appreciated

    Regards, Marty

  3. herbs is always good option for any kind of health issue. and it is also effective solution on erectile dysfunction issue. herbal remedy is a natural medication have no side effects on body, that’s why it is well treated on ED problem.

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