Health Benefits Deep Breathing Exercises For Human Life-The Yogic Breathing

Health Benefits Deep Breathing Exercises

Health Benefits Deep Breathing Exercises For Human Life

The three basic things that are essential for human life are air, water, and food. But are you breathing in a proper manner? Never. Are you drinking a sufficient amount of water? no. Do you have healthy food? Never. But in this article, I want to first focus on the topic of health benefits deep breathing exercises.

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In the kiosk that rings the world, your mind, and your body the easiest thing to forget is your breathing.

Since the breath is key to your life, it is essential to know how are you breathing, moment to moment.

But unfortunately, you do not feel it on a day-to-day basis. We are going to see today a step-by-step, breathe-down procedure, how you need to breathe in a yogic way to keep your whole mind and body absolutely balanced and aligned. Ninety percent of you feel that you breathe in the correct way. But it is a wrong conception. Most of you take only a shallow breath.

You never breathe it up to full into the lungs. Therefore you have to learn how to breathe properly if you have to live properly and the body to function at optimum.

Now let us go through a step-by-step breathing practice process.

Abdomen breathing

It is breathing up to the abdomen level, buffing your stomach out while inhaling, and pulling inside while exhaling.

Health benefits Deep Breathing Exercises

First start with hand mudra, keeping the hand as shown in the figure.

You have to take a deep breath slowly inhale slowly and exhale slowly.

Keeping the hand in this mudra will direct the Prana( oxygen) in this part of the body.

Chest breathing

In this, you are going to puff up your chest, which is expanding and contracting your chest while inhaling and exhaling. Your hand should be in a Chinmaya Mudra posture placed on your thighs. (shown in the figure).

Health Benefits Deep Breath

Now take a deep, slow breath, puff up your chest, and then exhale slowly contracting your chest.

Repeat the above two breathing 20 times each

Shoulder, clavicular, and neck region breathing

You have to do this by pulling your shoulder back-wise by expanding your lung space more. For this, you have to keep your hands in Adhi Mudra posture (as shown in the figure), keeping your palms on your thighs back arm facing up.

Benefits Deep Breathing

Now take a deep, slow breath and pushing your shoulder backward, and exhale slowly bringing the shoulder to the normal position.

True yogic breath-Combine all the breath.

Now the true yogic breath is when you combine all the three –abdomen chest and shoulder breathing. In this, you will keep the hands in Brahma mudra posture (as shown in the figure) near your naval region.

Benefits Deep Breathing Exercises

Now you will inhale slowly drawing a lot of air into your abdomen first, then pull the air into your chest, and then pulling your shoulders back.

That is by one deep, slow breath you are filling your entire lungs with air. Then hold the breath for a moment and exhale slowly by bringing the shoulder back and in the same order, as you breathe in, that is releasing your chest and then releasing your abdomen and then relax.

This is called yogic breathing, You have to practice this 20 times 30 times daily on a regular basis. Maybe for one month, 6 months even one year. When you practice regularly the normal breathing becomes yogic breathing.

 Health benefits Deep Breathing Exercises

  • Deep slow breath increases the lifespan
  • Keeps nerves calm
  • Expands your entire lung
  • Entire lung capacity is utilized
  •  Much richer supply of oxygen in your blood.
  • With the oxygenated blood all the organs of your body function well
  • Controls Your weight and Much more.

Breathing is not new to anyone, But I want to create awareness about the correct way of breathing.

My Experience and Conclusion

I am a regular practitioner of yoga. How was I inspired? When I was 20 years I was suffering from chronic diarrhea. No prescribed medicine helped me. I was thinking of practicing yoga per the advice of my sister. In the process of learning, I came across two yoga postures- Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya. Though it is an advanced yoga difficult to learn, I started practicing and within a few days, the illness abruptly stopped.

Diarrhea may be due to mispositioning of my intestine and this yoga positioned the intestine in its original place.

Therefore yoga is the best Natural Medicine for illness and well-being.

Let us start learning and knowing about the Health benefits of Deep breathing exercises and yoga.

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By Prabakaran


8 thoughts on “Health Benefits Deep Breathing Exercises For Human Life-The Yogic Breathing”

  1. Very interesting post which makes us aware the various ways in which one can breath that can help a person lead a healthy life. In today’s modern society, everybody is in a hurry and has forgotten the art of breathing. This post will surely help individuals realise their full potential by breathing correctly. Am very impressed with the article and looking forward to more such posts from you.

    1. Hi,Alok.Sure .I will be posting about simple yoga postures which everyone can do to be fit.Keep following my posts. 


  2. I love meditating in the morning because it is a great way to start my day, with peace and positive vibes. Through our daily life, people are not conscious of their breathing, and we must take time for ourselves. I will try yogic breathing tomorrow morning and I cannot wait. Thank you for this knowledge I will come back for more information

  3. I really enjoyed this article and I will be practicing the three breathing methods you describe as well as the yogic breathing method. I can feel an amazing difference with the increased oxygen due to the deeper breathing. Thank you for the tips I will be visiting again to learn some yoga positions.

    1. Hi Earl,

      Thanks for your comment. I am happy that you found my article useful. Really Yoga is very useful and people are still less aware about it.You are always welcome to my site.


  4. Hi Prabakaran,

    Great Article!

    I work in a stressful environment, and I really feel that I need to do something to distress myself. So I thought of doing some breathing exercises. I have never heard of these breathing techniques before, but I will definitely try them at home, and I’ll tell you how it goes.
    How many minutes per day of breathing exercises to see some fast results?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hi Daniella!

      Thanks for visiting my site.The breathing exercise is the key to our health and life.It will definitely will reduce your stress and help for the overall health.To start with you can do for 5 minutes and increase up to 20 minutes.After practicing for a certain period you will get to used to it and you can do whenever you want , while working, travelling and so on. When you practice continuously, in the long run you will start breathing properly.

      Hope this helps you.

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