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How to beat the steep red tape and huge overheads of the UK property market

In recent years, buying a home in the UK has become slightly less of a frenetic, high-stakes affair, as buyers have had to contend with a mountain of red tape in order to set a foot in the property market.

But, with the Brexit vote lending itself to a period of uncertainly and the changing demographics of the UK, is buying property in the UK still too risky a prospect?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the issues facing buyers today, while looking at how to beat the steep red tape and huge overheads of the UK property market.


The burden of high UK property prices is being felt more in the first-time buyer market, which has become more difficult to access since the UK vote to leave the EU

An estimated £40bn to £90bn has been invested in UK property, with some 95% of the market being rented rather than purchased

There is no golden market, with each area facing different challenges when it comes to the property market and homebuyers

The UK’s complicated property market is facing a serious crisis, which has left many asking whether the dream of home ownership is still achievable for them

National reforms have focused primarily on raising the deposit requirement to 20% or more, but as house prices have skyrocketed, many buyers are struggling to meet the soaring deposit requirements, leading to a real estate bubble

While there are many things the government can do to help alleviate the UK’s housing problems, these alone won’t be enough

The best way to make home ownership a reality, is to build more affordable housing and offer homebuyers more choice and control over their financial lives

Who’s going to buy homes?

There are a few questions that any interested buyer will want to ask themselves:

Can I afford to buy?

How can I buy without borrowing too much?

How big of a deposit do I need?

What is the impact of Brexit on my property investment?

How to make my finance search successful

One of the easiest ways of finding out if you can afford to buy a home is simply to check out your current

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OpenGL’s glTexCoordPointer function

I am wondering if anyone can tell me what the meaning of the following parameters are?
glTexCoordPointer(3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, c.

I know that there are 3 parameters, but which of those is the first?
The first parameter is the number of the texture coordinate array, the second one is the target texture coordinate array, the third one is the pointer to the array of the color data.
I was only able to find a description of the first parameter, which is the number of the texture coordinate array, but I couldn’t figure out which of these parameters is the first one.


Yes, the first parameter is the number of the texture coordinate array.
The second parameter is the target texture coordinate array.
The third parameter is the pointer to the array of the color data.

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