Growing Medicinal Herbs At Home Gardens- 11 Easily Grown Herbs And Their Health Benefits

Herbs At Home Gardens

Growing medicinal herbs at home gardens and their Health benefits

The topic itself seems interesting right. If you require any herbs either you will go to a drug store, search in the countryside or you might even go to the jungle to find it. Therefore, why cannot you start growing medicinal herbs at home gardens?

You can grow the herbs in your not only in your home garden but also as potted plants if you do not have enough space. Your beautiful home will incorporate the healthy plant as well as the hygienic atmospheric air surrounding you.

In fact, a lot of Indians achieve a lot of benefits from Growing medicinal herbs at home gardens.

In the first place,  you can commonly see Neem Tree, Aloe Vera, Holy Basil, Lemon Balm (Bonnie Plants), Curry Leaves plant and many more medicinal herbs In Indian home gardens.

The Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani system of natural medical treatment mostly use this highly beneficial herbs.In fact, these do not cause any side effects to the human being. And even if there are any side effects it is very minimal.

Moreover, these herbs are very safe to use and effective as well. Let us see some miraculous herbs which we can grow at home gardens as well as their health benefits.

List Of 11 Herbs – Growing medicinal herbs at home gardens
  • Neem.
  • Ashwagandha.
  • Cantella.
  • Mint leaf.
  • Aloe Vera
  • Holy Basil.
  • Fenugreek.
  • Lemongrass
  • Moringa Olefera
  • Lemon Balm-Bonnie Plant.

Growing Medicinal Herbs At Home Gardens -List of 11 Herbs And Health Benefits

1.Neem- Azadirachta Indica

Neem is native to the Indian subcontinent and grows in tropical and subtropical climate as well as it grows in parts of Iran too.  Furthermore, it is a fast-growing tree and reaches up to 20 meters.

Growing herbs at home garden

You can also grow this plant in pots in Bonsai method.

Neem oil is extracted from fruits and seeds of the neem tree. The leaves keep away insects and mosquitos.

Ayurveda Practitioners use neem leaf for herbal baths. In South East Asian countries people use the neem flowers as a sort of a vegetable. Neem tree is anti-diabetic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, sedative and contraceptive. Traditional Medicines mainly use Neem leaf for skin diseases.

Neem oil improves hair health, detoxifies the blood, controls diabetes, and liver function.  Cosmetic industries widely use this plant leaves. People use neem seed powder as natural pesticides in agriculture. Neem tree purifies the atmosphere in the surroundings.

2.Ashwagandha- Withania Somnifera-Indian Ginseng

Ashwagandha is commonly used as medicinal herbs from the ancient time. It is a perennial shrub and you can grow easily at your home garden. This Super plant is also native to the Indian subcontinent. The root of this herbal plant is uniquely used for medicinal purposes.

Herbs at home

In summary, Ashwagandha helps in improving fertility, improves libido, decreases depression, good heart health, controls cholesterol & diabetes, good for brain health, nervous system, improves eye health, reduces anxiety and many more. Click here to know more.

3.Cantella Asiatica-Vallarai-Known as a brain tonic

Cantella is a tiny herb native to Asia and generally grows in the wetland and grows in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast US, and South-East Asia.

herbs at home garden

In Essence, Centella (Vallarai) is used as a vegetable as well as medicinal herb. You can cultivate this plant in drylands as long as you irrigate it properly. This herb very suitable for growing at home gardens. You can use this herb as vegetable mainly in raw salads.

Altogether, Centella is very good for brain health, enhances memory power, cures gut ulcer, skin infections, prevents blood vessel contraction, improves nervous system and boosts brain health

4.Mint Leaf-Mentha

The people cultivate this most beneficial herb worldwide. You can also grow this herb in pots easily in your home garden. Mint leaves plant generally contains magnesium, Vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Growing herbs

You can use this herb to eliminate bad breath, reduce muscle cramp, improve stomach health, fever, cure irritable bowel syndrome, improve digestive tract health and as an anti-inflammatory.

This plant is the main ingredient in all most all cuisines.Equally Important, Cosmetic industries and natural medicine industries use Mentha leaf widely. Click here for more information.

 5.Aloe vera

Aloe Vera herb generally grows wild in all tropical climates thought the world.

at home garden

Usually, people grow this plant as a potted plant in houses for ornamental purpose. Aloe Vera requires a lot of sunlight to grow.

This plant grows up to 1 meter high with fleshy thick and green and gray leaves. In essence, this plant has mosquitoes and insect repellent properties.

The antioxidants present in the Aloe Vera boost the immune system and aids anti-aging. Drinking Aloe Juice on daily basis boost the immune power, cures ulcer, relieves constipation, resolves digestive problems, increases hunger, heals burns & wounds, and acts as an inflammatory.

Beverages industries, cosmetic industries, and pharmaceutical industries most commonly use Aloe Vera.

6.Holy basil

Hindus Consider holy basil as a holy plant. Hence, the Hindus in India grow as a potted plant and worship this plant.

Growing herbs at home

People call holy basil as queen of herbs because of the enormous health benefits it gives. you can consume Basil leaves raw or in form of herbal tea.

There are four varieties and all have their own medicinal properties. Basil plant is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and antibiotic.

Tulsi relieves a cough, cold, respiratory problems, cures fever, improves digestion cures malaria, cholera, insomnia, and hysteria.


Fenugreek grows in Asia, Europe, middle east and North America.  Fenugreek is a medicinal herb.

Herbs at home garden

The seeds are used in Indian cuisines, used in pickles, vegetable dishes, and spice mixes. India produces the major quantity of this seed. Fenugreek leaves are ingredients in some Indian dishes, curries, Turkish cuisine and Egyptian cuisine.

This Promotes digestion, induces labor pain in women, controls diabetes, increases breast milk in feeding mothers. Increases the body weight, prevents Gallbladder cancer, reduces labor pain and menstrual pain reduces cholesterol and reduces stomach allergy.

You can bring up this plant in all weather condition in your home garden very easily.


People use Lemon Grass as a medicinal and culinary herb.

It has a citrus flavor. You can use the leaves powdered or as fresh, in soups, teas, salads, and curries as well. This increases the taste of meat food when added.

Growing Herbs

Lemongrass also acts as insects repellent. It protects some vegetables from infection as well as Lemongrass oil can be used as natural preservative and pesticide.

This plant is an important herbal plant with medicinal properties and has enormous health benefits. This herb is anti pyritic that cures the severe fever. This cures respiratory problems, throat pain, wounds, all kinds of aches such as stomach ache, muscle pain, headache, joint pain, digestive tract problems, muscle contraction and cramps.

You can grow this plant in your home garden.

9.Moringa Olifera, Drumstick Tree

Herbs at home garden

Moringa is a miracle plant. All parts of this plant have enormous medicinal properties. The leaf and fruits are used for culinary use. In fact, this herb is best for the overall health of the body. Click here for more details.

10.Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm Plant is native to South Central Europe, Iran, central Asia, and Medditrannian.Grows in mild temperatures and up to 150 cm. It has a mild lemon scent. Therefore, you can use Lemon Balm in flavoring and tea.Growing herbs at home garden

Lemon balm herb is also used in traditional medicine. The Lemon Balm essential oil is used in aromatherapy. This plant is used to flavor ice creams, herbal teas, In Candies and fish dishes.

Lemon balm cures gastrointestinal tract problems, nervous disorder, liver disorder. The essential oil can be mixed with citronella, lemon oil, and other oils.  Lemon Balm herb is a natural mosquito repellent. Altogether, It reduces depression, stress, common cold, and throat ulcer.

  1. Curry Leaf Tree (Murraya koenigii)

This Herb grows in the south and South East Asian countries. you can see this plant in all Indian home gardens.

Growing Medicinal Herbs At Home Gardens

It has a nice Aroma and used in almost all Indian recipes. Due to the abundance of vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals the traditional medicine use the curry leaves for many ailments. This grows up to 6 meters and occupies less space. Therefore, you can grow this plant in your home garden easily. Curry leaves are very effective good for hair and eye health.


Growing Medicinal Herbs At Home Gardens is Very Important because you get the fresh herbs when the need arises. Also, It becomes a hobby and your stress is reduced when spending your leisure time in gardening. The surrounding atmosphere becomes pure and becomes aromatic with scent from the herbs. You need not go to Jungles, Herbal store or supermarket in search of the herbs.When the Herbs are in your hand you will not feel like going to a doctor.

Hope You enjoyed reading the article -Growing Medicinal Herbs At Home Gardens. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions please drop your comments below.


4 thoughts on “Growing Medicinal Herbs At Home Gardens- 11 Easily Grown Herbs And Their Health Benefits”

  1. I found your article very interesting. I am a huge proponent of living a natural life. People have gotten away from thinking in simple natural terms in favor of synthetic cure all pills. I was very inspired to consider starting my own herb garden. Currently I supplement with Ashwagandha and holy basil. After your detailed description I am also considering neem and cantella.

    1. Stacy

      Thanks for your comments. I am glad that my articles are inspiring people like you. Also, I am surprised that already you are taking Ashwagandha and Holy Basil. Even People in India from where theses herbs originated are addicted to prescribed medicines.


  2. Hey There!

    I’ve been wanting to start a home garden for quite some time now. At first I wanted to grow simple things, like tomatoes and broccoli but you’ve got me wanting to try herbs as well.

    I see the Ashwagandha has many awesome benefits I’ll definitely have to look into that.

    I need the Cantella Asiatica I deal with gut ulcers from time to time and I’d love to find a natural medicine.

    Interesting article thanks for the tips

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