Fisicoquimica Raymond Chang 3ra Edicion Pdf |WORK| Downloadl

Fisicoquimica Raymond Chang 3ra Edicion Pdf |WORK| Downloadl



Fisicoquimica Raymond Chang 3ra Edicion Pdf Downloadl

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Fisicoquimica Raymond Chang Tercera Edicion Pdf 16.
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Arabic Urdu Free Download Conjunto de Vocales Bazinga. Rangel ‘intimate’ with donor

A former high-ranking FBI agent who was assigned to watch over New York Rep. Charlie Rangel now claims Rangel was “intimate” with a multimillion-dollar donor and went on official trips with a woman who appeared to be a prostitute.

Former agent Asad Malik wrote the book, “Charlie Rangel: The Shakedown” and appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” over the weekend. Malik was assigned to Rangel on the staff of the House Ethics Committee in 1998.

Malik says he told investigators in 2000 that Rangel was traveling with a woman he believed to be a prostitute. According to Malik’s account, the woman was taken on first-class plane rides, and Rangel went on trips with her.

Rangel has called the claims outrageous. The House Ethics Committee voted to open a probe into the matter in 2001.

Malik worked for the FBI for five years, beginning in 1988 as a special agent in charge of the New York Regional Organized Crime Task Force. He was the first to testify against the Gambino crime family of New York, and became the first supervisor of a team that infiltrated the Genovese crime family in the mid-1990s.

Later, after a 1996 trip to Pakistan, Malik was told of rumors that Rangel had brought women to Pakistan on his own. He asked colleagues whether the congressman’s actions had crossed the line, to which they said yes.

Malik, who said he knows polygraph experts, said the FBI’s official inquiry found Rangel innocent.

Malik, however, says the investigation was based on the word of one source in Pakistan.

“So we don’t have any proof at all,” he said. “We’re trying to bring him down on his own moral ground.”


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