Download Raanjhanaa (2013) Hindi Movie Digipak 720p x264 HEVC 720p

Download Raanjhanaa (2013) Hindi Movie Digipak 720p x264 HEVC 720p



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Kole Ligure Airport (), is a regional airport in Liguria. It is located west northwest of the city of Liguria, on the Riviera di Levante, a part of the Riviera del Levante. The airport is owned by the Aermacchi, which uses it as a training base. It also has flight connections to many Italian, European and American cities, including Rome, Milan, Turin, Trieste, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Naples, Palermo, Bari, Reggio-Calabria, Milan, Linate, Trieste, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Copenhagen, Zurich, Amsterdam, Paris and the United States. It has regularly scheduled flights to major Italian and European destinations.

The airport covers an area of which contains two asphalt paved runways:
Runway 18/36:,
Runway 09/27:.

Airlines and destinations

See also
List of airports in Italy


External links

Airport website
Skyvector Aeronautical Charts

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Category:Buildings and structures in LiguriaDogs Dreaming

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