Yoga for Everyone! Benefits of All Ages Trying It Out

Yoga is an ancient discipline that involves physical, mental, and spiritual concepts and practices that originated in India. It’s a body and mind practice combining breathing techniques, meditation or relaxation, and physical postures. Yoga is also a form of exercise; it is believed to bring tons of health benefits to all people of all ages. In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of yoga and how you can incorporate it into your daily or weekly workout regimen.

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5 Ways Yoga Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is an issue that many people face, but there is still not a lot known about the various disorders and causes. No matter what condition you face, you likely want anything that can help relieve your pain and prevent flare ups from happening as often.

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Vedic Meditation 101: Transcendent meditation technique

Vedic Meditation is a technique that traces its roots to the Vedas, ancient Indian texts that are the foundation for yoga and Ayurveda. Unlike Buddhist mindfulness-based techniques, Vedic Meditation (VM) doesn’t involve contemplation or trying to think compassionate thoughts. Instead, a mantra is used to settle the mind. It’s a powerful tool for cultivating calm and deep focus. Here are some of the basic principles of VM and a few ways this accessible technique can help you become more peaceful, clear, and insightful