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AutoCAD, originally named Autocad Drafting & Bounding, is still the leading desktop CAD program in the world, as it is in the mobile industry as well. Users may opt to purchase a license to AutoCAD at the retail level or subscribe to an online service.

AutoCAD vs. Inventor

Which one should you use? To answer that question, it is important to understand the differences between the two programs, such as what features are available, what is included with the cost, and the support services.

AutoCAD and Inventor are CAD programs. CAD (computer-aided design) is the name given to a broad category of applications that involve the creation, modification, and analysis of data and information that are essential to the design and development of an engineering project. CAD software can include tools for drafting, modeling, presentation, and data management.

AutoCAD and Inventor can be compared with 3D rendering software, which is used to display complex three-dimensional models of construction projects, such as buildings, ships, and aircraft.

Although the purpose of 3D rendering software is to generate images that show a viewer what a model of a building looks like, the software that generates a 3D image does not usually create a 3D model of the building. The two programs are therefore different in purpose and function.

Features and Functionality

AutoCAD is a full-featured CAD program that is used for a wide variety of designs and projects, including architecture, automotive, chemical and fiberglass processing, construction, drawing, design, drafting, fabrication, graphic arts, and engineering. It is one of the most popular programs used in industry because it is easy to use and offers many functions.

Inventor is a specialized CAD program for use in the manufacturing, assembly, and design process. It is designed to meet the needs of engineers and designers at different phases of the design cycle. Inventor’s market is primarily industry and professional services.

AutoCAD vs. Inventor: Each CAD software has its own unique set of features, which makes it one of the most powerful applications available. This figure highlights the most important features of the two most popular CAD programs.

The basic features available in AutoCAD and Inventor are described in the following list:

AutoCAD features



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The application can export a DXF file which can then be opened in, e.g., MicroStation.

The DXF file format is a standard file format for storing two-dimensional vector graphics data. The DXF format was developed in the 1970s to overcome the two-dimensional nature of the predecessor, AutoCAD format. There are no official standards for the DXF format. However, most software supports a number of the commonly used conventions.

The user can edit or create DXF files in “drawing mode” or “viewing mode”.

Drawing mode
Drawing mode is a command-line utility used to produce a DXF file that can be viewed in most drawing packages.

Viewing mode
Viewing mode is a graphical interface that allows the user to view and edit DXF files.

From the web application, the user can upload a DXF file to the database. The application uses the DXF files to generate a topological layout of the area.

DXF Viewer
DXF Viewer is a free viewer for DXF files. It can be used to open and modify DXF files on Windows and Mac operating systems.

DXF Converter
DXF Converter is a free program that enables the user to convert a DXF file to one of the supported drawing formats such as DWG, DWF, and DGN. The program also has a DGN Converter, which enables the user to convert a DGN file to a DXF file.

File format
DXF files are organized in different layers. The first layer is the “page.” The page contains a number of “tiles,” which contain “group layers,” “measure layers,” and “layers.” A layer can also contain one or more “layers.” Each layer is a data container. There can be more than one layer in a layer group. Layers can be added to groups automatically or manually. For example, when a rectangle is added, it is added to a “group layer.” The user can then place other shapes into the rectangle.

Each group layer is further subdivided into the “measure layers” and “layers.” The data in each layer has a corresponding size. The size is specified by a two-dimensional coordinate pair, where the horizontal axis represents the X axis, and the vertical axis represents the Y axis. For example, a coordinate pair (10, 10) represents

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Open the Configuration Tool (without the right software), access to the options menu, select the Client tab and on the Client Connect choose Connect with Autodesk360

Grow your business with Autodesk 360.

Automate the delivery of your files

You can scan the job, as soon as the loading of the models is completed. Autodesk360 uses the e-mail to send the attached files, notificati.

Autodesk 360’s web services allows you to automate the delivery of your files using the following APIs:

Autodesk360 API
Use the AutoCAD® API to read or write data in AutoCAD.
Create an application in AutoCAD with your data.
Integrate AutoCAD with other systems, with CAD managers, etc.

Autodesk360 API for CAD Manager
Use the CAD Manager API to read or write data in other CAD Manager programs.
Create an application in CAD Manager programs with your data.
Integrate other CAD Manager programs with AutoCAD.

Autodesk360 API for SharePoint
Use the SharePoint API to read or write data in other SharePoint programs.
Create an application in SharePoint with your data.
Integrate other SharePoint programs with AutoCAD.

File Exports (PDF, Excel)
You can save your data as a PDF file or as an Excel file.

If you need more information, you can refer to the user manual.

Get your job ready for building and printing

Once the job has been planned, you can start the preparation of the parts and the building process of the parts.

You can create as many folders as you want to manage your files.

AutoCAD allows you to save the project in three ways:.cad,.cadhistory and.cadhistoryxml. To use any of these options, select the appropriate way to save your project in the Options menu.

AutoCAD allows you to save the project in two ways:.cad and.cadhistoryxml. To use any of these options, select the appropriate way to save your project in the Options menu.

Autodesk360® Console for Autodesk® Maya® 2019

See more features

See more features

You will be able to access the following features:

The Autodesk 360 Console allows you to automate the delivery of your

What’s New In?

Create reviews that are visible in your AutoCAD drawings.

2D Object Protection:

A simple and effective way to protect objects from being accidentally deleted or selected.

2D Object Protect for Data Management:

Create 2D Object Protection for groups of objects within your drawing.

Two-Way Information Flow:

Your drawings are no longer just a static repository of information. Learn how to bring your drawings to life using 2D/3D template-based tools for modeling, engineering, and architecture.


Languages are written by hand or via macros. With AutoLISP, the lines of code are generated automatically. (video: 1:22 min.)

AI, 3D, and Modeling:

Bend and reshape your designs in 3D. Quickly find objects in your drawing and have the ability to rotate, translate, and rotate them.

Data Management and Resource Sharing:

Share and organize large volumes of data with ease. Your drawings are no longer just a static repository of information.

Multi-Touch Screen:

Synchronize multiple touch points on a single device and activate parts of your drawings with just a single touch.


Recognize your frequently-used command references from your drawings. Have one search and open all of your relevant references at once.

Data Management:

Manage large datasets with a multitude of tools to easily integrate and analyze CAD data.

3D Printing:

Get back to the “old school” with powerful 3D capabilities.

Job Management:

Control and easily share your drawings with others. Keep track of who has access to which drawing and make sure they can only access drawings they are allowed to access.

Drawing Widgets:

Overlay components or manage your drawings in one window. With widgets, you don’t have to go searching for your favorite tool, you can have access to it right from the context menu.


You may have started with one idea and have ended up with many. The new Wrap feature allows you to freeze and return to the original idea.

Perspective Camera:

Get creative with the new Perspective Camera view. Bring your drawing to life in 3D and immediately get feedback from your audience.

Measurement and Printing:

Measure distances and areas

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
8 GB of RAM
1 GB of available hard drive space
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