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Release History

February 1982

CAD 1.0 for the Apple II personal computer is released, including primitive 2D vector drawing, a dial indicator, and ability to draw simple text. The program requires an Apple I and a 1″ floppy disk drive for installation and a 1.25″ floppy disk for use.

November 1982

CAD 2.0 is released for the Apple II.

March 1983

CAD 2.1 is released.

March 1984

CAD 2.2 is released.

May 1984

CAD 2.3 is released.

May 1985

CAD 2.4 is released.

February 1986

CAD 3.0 is released.

February 1988

CAD 3.1 is released.

October 1990

CAD 4.0 is released.

March 1991

CAD 4.5 is released.

July 1991

CAD 4.5 for DOS is released.

February 1992

CAD 4.6 is released.

May 1992

CAD 4.7 is released.

June 1992

CAD 4.7 for OS/2 is released.

November 1992

CAD 4.8 is released.

October 1993

CAD 4.9 is released.

January 1995

CAD 4.10 is released.

May 1995

CAD 4.11 is released.

November 1995

CAD 4.12 is released.

June 1996

CAD 4.14 is released.

June 1997

CAD 4.15 is released.

August 1997

CAD 4.16 is released.

March 1998

CAD 4.17 is released.

November 1998

CAD 4.18 is released.

March 1999

CAD 4.20 is released.

August 1999

CAD 4.21 is released.

February 2000

CAD 4.23 is released.

May 2000

CAD 4.25 is released.

November 2000

CAD 4.27 is released.

June 2001

CAD 4.29 is released.

October 2001

CAD 4.30 is released.

March 2002

CAD 4.31 is released

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AutoCAD also supports the development of third party applications, which are based on the AutoCAD API. These applications can communicate with AutoCAD through a wide variety of interfaces, as detailed in the Table below.

See also

Autodesk Embedded Systems, Autodesk’s in-house platform on which AutoCAD runs
AutoCAD Mobile, an app for Android and iPhone



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AutoCAD on Instagram
Autodesk Exchange Apps
Autodesk Design Review: Is AutoCAD Taking Design and Engineering Too Far?

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Can I set my users login folder to stay the same, when upgrading my app?

Let’s say I develop an application that stores files (MP3s, Videos etc.) in a User’s account.
When I deploy my app to my users Windows 10 PC, my app will check, if there is already a folder for the User account with the same name as the user.

If there is no such folder, it will create one with the same name.
If there is a folder with the same name, but it doesn’t have the same files in it, it will check if the User has permission to save the file there. If not, it will ask the user for permission.

My question is, is there any way, that I can force my app to always make sure that it has the same “place” for storing all the files, when the app is upgraded, so I don’t have to add code for that every time I update the app?


If you are deploying the app to Windows 10 using Windows Store and want it to be always available on your users machine, you can use the Windows

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Load Autodesk Autocad from the start menu, choose Autodesk Autocad and a tray icon will appear.

Click Autodesk Autocad, then load your.dwg,.dwgx or.dwgml file and the.tgn file as well.

Autodesk released a update to Autocad 2004 on August 30, 2011. There is an update available for Autocad 2004 – Patch 2.x available from the Autodesk website.

See also
CAD software
Comparison of CAD editors for mechanical design


External links
Autocad 2004 technical documentation from Autodesk
Autocad 2004 from Autodesk
Autocad 2004 Manual from Autodesk

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Go to the new Insert Screen and import existing drawings into the current drawing with a single click.

Print to a new PDF: The 3D-printed model can be printed and then brought into AutoCAD for further work. (video: 1:27 min.)

Markup Overhaul:

Add measurements to lines, text, and labels with accuracy and speed.

Increase text size with just a double-click.

Change the line color without having to open the drawing.

Use markup to annotate, and easily create diagrams, photos, and sketches with a click.

Add text to the same line (or point) multiple times to add notes or descriptions.

Create multiple annotation layers for different purposes.

Add markup to existing symbols.

Add color to existing text styles.

Unlock with a password: protect your drawings with a password and restrict access to certain objects.

Make your own grids with just one click.

With AutoCAD 2023, you can create accurate and beautiful drawings that are easy to collaborate on and share. Download a free trial today and start working with some of the most powerful features of AutoCAD.

Markup Layout Preview:

See how your drawing will look as an interactive 3D model.

Sketch Mode

Enable Sketch Mode in the View menu, to easily see the lines, text, and shapes.

Draw Directly to Layout (drafting mode):

A new shortcut key has been added to Drafting mode that lets you quickly start drawing a new line to the layout.

The Drafting toolbar

A new toolbar has been added to the Drafting mode. You can switch between Drafting and Layout mode with a click.

Create and edit lines and rectangles with the Line tool, which includes a number of new features.

Rotate with the Arrow tool.

Extend lines by typing the end location and click.

View and show the last pen tool point.

The Push/Pull tool lets you easily draw with radial arms that follow the outline of the previous drawing.

Change the line type with a single click.

The 3D feature: 3D Lines

3D Lines lets you draw lines, text, shapes, and other 3D objects in the current drawing.

3D text and graphics

Draw text with 3D text and graphics.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
Adobe Flash Player 10.1
You can also check the Linux version of FATE Ultra from here: The link is provided by the developer of FATE. I could not find any alternative of FATE on Android platform.
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