AppTrans Pro [iOS 10] Instalation

AppTrans Pro [iOS 10] Instalation


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The tool has two transfer modes: Android to iOS and iOS to Android, both which .
Steps for transferring WhatsApp to iPhone
1. Go to the WhatsApp website, download the latest version of WhatsApp App and install it on both iPhone and Android.
2. Tap the Menu on your iPhone, go to Account, tap on .

3. In My WhatsApp account, tap the Menu at the bottom of the page, tap Account and click the Select button.

4. Tap the Info tab and search for WhatsApp on your Android phone.

5. Then tap the option Select and tap OK.

6. Now tap on Settings and scroll to Download Apps from Unknown Sources.

7. Tap on the OK button.

8. Now you will have to install the WhatsApp on your iPhone, which is now done and you can go back to step 4 in the guide.
8. When the Android and iOS app is connected to each other, you can now transfer the contents of the WhatsApp on iPhone to Android.

9. In the transfer menu of AppTrans, select the apps that you want to transfer, select the one you want to back and click on the Start button.

10. In the Status Bar, if you tap on the Link button you will get a pop up for the link that will let you know that the content is being transferred.

11. Once the transfer is done, you will be shown the details of the transfer and can also save the data you want by tapping on the Save button.
12. When the transfer is done, tap the Back button to go to the page of apps that you want. If everything went fine, you will be redirected to your WhatsApp on iPhone and can see the transfer status.

How to Transfer WhatsApp to iPhone from Android using AppTrans.

In this AppTrans Guide we will help you in transferring WhatsApp to iPhone from Android. This is the easiest and fastest way to transfer WhatsApp to iPhone. This method works like a charm and is easy to use. You do not need to login to the iPhone on your Android phone first, or make an account on iPhone.

Go to my mac or pc, open the browser and open the AppTrans website in the browser.

Find the software version of WhatsApp that you have on your Android phone and choose the wanted app to be transferred.

Tap on the Start button to transfer the content of the WhatsApp to iPhone.


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Here is what I have so far. I am not new to powershell, but I cant seem to figure this out.
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