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Welcome to mynaturalhomecuresite.com website where you can know about the art of natural way of living. You can acquire some knowledge about Grandma’s traditional remedies on this website.

Become aware of the importance of practicing yoga for a healthy living and preventing diseases in modern life. 

About My Natural Life Style

I was born and brought up in India. There, the people know from their heart about traditional natural way of living from the grass root level.

I Have a passion towards yoga from my childhood.

Regular practice of yoga keeps me healthier. Yoga Practice cured me of sort of ailment which prescribed medicine was unable to do and had side effects.

This habit of mine-induced me to research in the field of natural home cure. This practice is diminishing generation by generation. This is caused by modernization, deforestation and inorganic way of agriculture.

This leads me to think about our grandma’s way of preventing and treating ailments by natural home cure methods.

I thought of spreading this way of alternative prevention & cure to other people. I was seeking a platform to share this and this leads me to launch this website.

Make people aware

In the olden days, you go for a treatment, they start from simple medicine from the bottom level. In modern days they start from top costlier level and narrow down to the bottom level. This empties your wallet.

The prescribed medicines have a lot of side effects. Why should natural ways of treatment not be followed to prevent and cure simple ailments?

I am not a doctor by any means.  I like to share the knowledge acquired by experience and wide research on natural remedies for prevention and cure of ailments.

Art of natural way of living

In the modern life, the traditional natural ways of living methods are ceasing to exist. One fine day the world will forget about natural ways of living.

What is the main Goal of this site? It is to make people aware of a natural way of living by traditional grandma’s natural healing methods at home.

Acquire some knowledge about medical value plants, herbs, trees, and yoga practice for modern life to prevent and cure ailments.

We have forgotten a lot of medicinal value Plants and herbs, which are ceasing to exist.

You will get awareness about the medicinal plants and their importance in life through my website.  We can prevent the existence of such plants by farming, growing and using.

I love getting feedback. Tell me how the remedies worked and pass the knowledge and experience. leave a comment below. I would be happier to connect. Please visit my site regularly as I am updating the information and ideas that I get.

I wish you, all the best for living a natural and traditional lifestyle that keeps you fit and disease free.



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  1. I look forward to see what you have in store for this blog! Your background shows that you’re really interested and knowledgeable about this topic. There’s no doubt that the articles that are going to be coming out of this blog are going to be very fascinating and readers like I will learn a lot.

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